What To Wear on a Zeppelin Ride?Nymphetamine!

posted by Gidge Uriza

There is something just so sassy about the releases I receive from Nymphetamine. I smile as they rezz. I really love the creativity and just FUN that goes into each creation.  I have no practical use for this dress yet- I sort of think that everyone should own it, just because it’s so much fun it hurts. MY GOD just look at the bustle (I’m calling it a bustle but it goes all the way around so now I’m just making up terms. I’m American. We do that.)

This dress is a classic example of the duplicity of Victorian fashion. Demure, simple and lady like fashions were extolled (see – it’s just black and white that’s simple, right?) yet the ornamentation was just over the top to make up for the subtle fabric.

It’s a classic and with a great modern spin as I am showing off my lovely lady lumps which no Victorian lady would’ve done.

Nymphetamine does a fantastic job of putting modern taste into Victorian and gothic styles – so that it appeals to a wide range of consumers, and not just those who read Byron and play games which involve many sided die.

This is a gorgeous gown and I recommend going over to Nymphetamine and checking out what else they have to offer. The range is quite delightful – and if I’m not wrong she recently released some VERY naughty lingerie. I can’t show you, cuz I don’t get mah bewbs out BUT…….it’s stunning.

Style Notes:

***Bold R Indicates a Review Copy***

  • Shape – Gidge Custom Shape by Hatchy Mills
  • Skin – Cupcakes – Seduction – Cameo – Luna
  • Hair – Laqroki – Classic 2 – Sunkissed
  • Eyes – Poetic Colors – Lavender Fields
  • Dress and Hat – Nymphetamine  – Penchant R
  • Shoes – Group Gift Maitreya

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  1. NYMPHETAMINE Boutique


    Thank you so much for thinking of NYMPHETAMINE for your blog! You look simply stunning, and what a wonderful write up on such a great gown!
    We appreciate all of our customers, especially when they brag about us! 🙂
    Thank you again and have a sexy NYMPHETAMINE Day! 🙂

    -Stacy Maracas

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