Discover the Treasures at Accessory Fair: sYs


There are a lot of treasures to discover at Accessory Fair 2011. Though most have focused like a laser beam on the Ancient Egypt inspiration, sYs has taken some of the forms of the past and brought them into the future. For example, this head piece may look so very modern, but imagine in in gold with some gemstones inlaid and it would not be too far different than the helmets worn in ancient Egypt. I don’t know if Egyptians wore butterfly tattoos, but I love the sYs Holotattoo on my back.


I went to Insilico thinking it a perfect setting for the outfit and found these stairs that made me think of climbing a pyramid.

The Rubber Rubbish dress is from Cipher and provides two sizes of skirt prim for easier adjustment. The entire skirt is a single sculpty but it’s amazing how well it stays in place as you move.


It comes as a near complete outfit that includes gloves, stockings, garters, armbands, a belt and a choker. I am wearing the gloves, arm bands and the belt.

The Drakke Elektra Fetish ankle boots are pretty amazing. I saw them at Shoe Fair and had to have them even though I could not exactly identify what I would wear them with. They are mood boots and if you wear the accompanying HUD, you can change the neon color to suit your mood.


Hear you can see the head ornament, soundglasses and necklace that are all from sYs for the Accessory Fair. The blue in the glasses is kinetic, constantly moving across the lenses. The skin is the Chrome Natural skin from Adam n Eve, the perfect look for Insilico and Egypt in 3011.

***STYLE NOTES******

  • Poses: Reel Expressions and Di’s Opera
  • Skin: Adam n Eve Chrome Natural
  • Tattoo Makeup: sYs Holotattoo
  • Eyes: Poetic Colors
  • Hair: sYs Head Ornament
  • Dress: Cipher Mini Dress – Rubbish Rubber – includes armbands, gloves not shown are choker, stockings and garters
  • Shoes: Drakke Elektra Fetish Ankle Boots
  • Accessories: sYs Mx Soundglasses
  • Jewelry: sYs Holotattoo Necklace White
  • Location: INSILICO

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