She's a Rocker

Poor Allison on American Idol. Why did she get trashed for her outfit? It actually had the potential for fabulous and only a few changes would have made it great, but still, it’s a singing competition, not America’s Top Model.  Actually, there were worse outfits on the stage that night and at least Allison’s dress fit her. I thought I might show how that outfit could look great – and used the lovely Saturday dress from Baiastice to show you.

The skirts a bit shorter which keeps it from cutting up the legs so much. Allison’s dress was a bit too long for the leggings and it cut her up and made her look shorter. The big difference, though is the shoes, which are pink with black bows. Black shoes would work as well, but white was the worst possible choice. Allison played guitar so she could not wear the gloves, but they would have added a cool element to the outfit.

I wanted rocker hair, too, but nothing would get me in raspberry pink. This style from Exile worked great, I think. The necklace is from Atelier AM (you will find it in the Den Dou store) and is a perfect complement to the dress.

The skin is the soon to be released PXL Creations Grace in Fair. The earrings are Paper Couture and the bright green eyes are new ones I received from Bower Bird. So, this is somewhat similar to Allison’s much derided outfit, with just a few changes. The thing is, her outfit was not that bad and she had the one main requisite for success – attitude.

***STYLE NOTES******
Promotional Copies are denoted by a Bold R

  • Poses: Reel Expression
  • Skin: PXL Grace Fair Spring Rose R
  • Eyes: Bower Bird Masterpiece Eyes Monet R
  • Lashes: CyberNetic
  • Hair: Exile Veronica R
  • Dress: Baiastice Saturday Pink
  • Shoes: Shiny Things Tuli Pumps
  • Jewelry: Paper Couture Pink Tourmaline Chandelier Earrings
  • Atelier AM Volume Necklace

5 thoughts on “She's a Rocker

  1. Harper

    I hate to disagree with you, but Allison’s version of the dress just doesn’t work for some reason. I think Sugarr has the right of it here. But, like I said on Plurk, your version is fantastico.

  2. Harper

    Follow-up: I just read the article, and it looks like you were saying some of the same things. Nothing like shooting yourself in the foot with your mouth (or keyboard) (sigh).

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