Rock Me 2Nite

posted by Gidge Uriza

Maht celebrated his RL Bday a few days ago by holding a small listening party for his friends, where we gathered and enjoyed his music.  It was a great opportunity to break out this piece from Kungler’s, which has retro-store chic written all over it.  My grandma’s pearls with a big flowery broach added to an elegant shrug jacket top off the form fitting pinstripe pants – to me this outfit brings a modern cut to a 50s pansuit.  As though I were wealthy, walked into Chanel and said.”I saw this pantsuit in Time Magazine from 1952 – can you spin me out a modern version?”

I had to thrown in the anachronism of this thoroughly modern hair from Aleri Darkes Diversity Hair and the ever versatile AC Girl Bracelets.  Once I was dressed – I was ready to lounge on Cajsa’s fantastic sofa and relax – fabulously dressed of course.  🙂

I’m completely in love with Kunglers, by the way. I’ve got a backlog of goodies to show you! I can hardly wait. They’re one of my absolute new faves. Check’em out.

Fashion Details
Shape – Gidge custom shape by Hatchy Mills
Skin – Chestnut from Peppermint Blue
Hair – Kacena from Diversity Hair in Iconic Blonde
Suit and Jewelry – Estella from Kunglers
Shoes – Juicy Slingback pumps in peppercorn
Nails – Rogue by Adam N Eve

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