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Las Calaveras de Glam Affair

Glam Affair Dia de los Muerto

This month’s Collabor88 will open at midnight with an exciting theme centered on the delightfully macabre Burtonesque palette and mood board. I am sure there are some people in the world who do not like Tim Burton’s work, but they are probably unhappy. I headed off to Deadman’s Island, a haunted sim with a beautiful ghost ship. I think Tim Burton would like it a lot.

I think Tim Burton should do a film about las calaveras, the happy, delightful sugar skulls that mark the celebration of All Saint’s Day in Mexico. The Day of the Dead is not Halloween, in many ways it is the opposite of Halloween. After all, Halloween focuses on fear of the dead and the Mexican celebration of el día de los muertos is a welcoming visit with the much beloved dead. Families visit the cemetery and spend the day with their dead, leaving ofrendas (offerings) such as food and wine and the lovely pan de los muertos. They also will place photos and even a soap, mirror and razor so the dead can freshen up for the coming year.

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These are a few of my favorite things

First I just wanted to say to Ryker Beck, how dare you stop making skins, I mean seriously lady! What were you thinking?!

Now that I have that off my chest let’s continue. I stayed up until 4am shopping at the hair fair last night. It was amazeballs, the lag wasn’t horrible and I made it to every store. I bought about 8 or 9 different hairs and I wanted to show some of my favs!

Ivanka Akina – Betty Hair – Black (comes with color changeable head band) (mesh)

Clawtooth: Starlight – exquisite reds pack (mesh)

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