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Boom has yet another enticing and lovely outfit – a dress this time – called Celebration. However, please don’t store this in your Christmas Clothing and Jewelry box to molder away until next year. It’s a lovely dress that can be worn  year round. Here you see it with the delicate lace jacket from Zenith – a tintable froth of a jacket.

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Welcome to the Studio, Part Two

The first post showed you the lobby, the portfolio room and my office – all rather presentable work spaces – nothing like the messy and always busy work room. Not only are there four working photographers using the space, but we have frequent self-help photographers, mostly bloggers and content creators. We have even had photographers from other studios borrow the equipment for a night or two while working out some performance issue or another. To dress it up a bit, I decided to wear the other half of the Cachet outfit (the pants in Pt. 1) which consists of a a shiny silk top and skirt with delicate gold fans like seed pods. With the skirt you can see the marvelous Marie shoes from Tesla. Behind me, you can see the shelves of pose balls and pose props that are strewn across the east end of the studio, convenient to the photospheres. Continue reading

Welcome to the Studio…part one

Among all the wanderings around SL® that I have photographed, I realized I have not shot any photos for you of my photo studio – MDR Photo Studio.  In this photo taken in the studio lobby, I am wearing a mash-up of Cachet, Ce-Cubic Effect and you can also see a touch of Earth & Sky lingerie – purchased, I believe, at the Lingerie Expo.  Many folks drop by to look at our portfolios – but also to try out the different photo studios to see what they like or to pick up our list of great sites for photo shoots, so if you’re in the neighborhood, drop on by. Continue reading

Mix to Match

If you noticed Second Life® tilting slightly the other day, that was when Zaara released her newest design, a long dress called Calangute that comes with absolute outrageous belting on the jacket layer and everyone rushed to get their own. These belts will get their use. I made a copy and pasted it into my belts folder so I remember to use them with other outfits. This is the chocolate version of the dress and it comes with a lovely long textured skirt that I was not in the mood to wear. I wanted knee length but I remembered that I had a dress from DP Serendipity that was a very similar color and sure enough, the skirt from that dress was a perfect match. I used the other dress’s pants layer to make sure the seams and highlights lined up. I was more than happy with the result.

Another photo and style notes after the cut.

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Kiss the Sky

One of my favorite Second Life artists is elros tuominen – a prolific sculptor and poet whose work is visually stunning and always new. I recently went to the NMC Arts Lab  to see the wonderful work on display in their Kiss the Sky exhibit and sure enough, elros had a few pieces, including this immersive work. It’s much more beautiful in-world than in this photo because no static photo can capture the wonder of a kinetic sculpture. 

Likewise, no photo can capture the kinetic movement of the gorgeous skirt on this lovely dress from Casa del Shai. Let me just say this right up front. “My name is Cajsa and I am a Casa del Shai addict.” Shai Delacroix’s textures have amazing shading and detail. They make you want to reach out and stroke them. 

I kept my accessorizing minimal with this dress, adding only a pair of wood earrings from Ume Mode and Baba Yaga shoes from Enkythings. These are actually the first pair of “good” shoes I bought in Second Life and they have served me well. More photos are on my flickr. Style notes and more after the jump. Continue reading