I'm a Real Pixel Girl – No FakE!

by Gidge Uriza

I got a review box dropped on me from FakE at some point in time. As I’ve been off the grid for days due to be on bedrest I owe them and everyone else who dropped stuffs on me an apology – I am behind but will catch up! PROMISE!

The first thing I pulled out of the FakE! box was the flutter yellow top and the slouchy cords with fun embroidery.

They must’ve known I’d be in a slouchy comfy mood my first night back on the grid, and this was a perfect outfit for a little casual shopping and catching up on all the dramaz I’ve missed over the last two weeks. I popped over to their store and there are cute goodies to be found all throughout. I even picked up a slurl that I’ll post at the bottom – I missed you guys THAT MUCH!

PXL Creations - KIM in Natural Tone - Coffee Lips

PXL Creations - KIM in Natural Tone - Coffee Lips

It is good to be back.

And while I am back and going on about things I like. I want EVERYONE to get over to Puarangi Designs jewelry and check out their ring of the week! They are SUPER fun – like rings you’d get out of a bubble gum machine and she releases a new one EVERY WEEK! I am addicted.

There is a new one released every week and she notifies you via her SOM. I will let you know, that unlike some insanely annoying SOMs – this one is one I’ve never regretted joining! Just nice, concise announcements on sales and new releases – what an SOM should be!

Check out Puarangi Designs – she’s got lots of gorgeous jewelry and hair accessories!

Style Notes

  • Shape – Gidge Custom Shape by Hatchy Mills
  • Skin – PXL Creations – KIM in Natural Tone IVORY R
  • Hair – Truth – Lilo in Seaspray
  • Eyes – Poetic Colors – Lavender Fields
  • Clothes – FakE! – Flutter Yellow Top and Red Cords R
  • Shoes – D’UH Clogs
  • Earrings and Necklace – Lucas Lameth – Chakra in yellow
  • Rings – Puarangi Designs
  • Nails – Love Soul – Dark Red

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