Guest Stylist: Ryn Starfall

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“Yellow” by Coldplay
“Look at the stars, look how they shine for you…
And everything they do… yeah they were all yellow…”

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Ryn Starfall volunteered to be a guest stylist and I shot her at Charlotte’s World where her adorable yellow outfit could be reflected in the beautiful flowers along the path. She had a few words to add to the post herself:

“Thank you fabulous ladies for letting me show my mellow yellow side with you! In a happy mood as of late, loving the sun and the bright colors.. this outfit feels sweet and girly, with a little bit of sass… enjoy!”

Ryn Starfall_008.jpg

For more pictures from this shoot, please check out her photoset at Flickr.

Ryn Starfall!
Style Notes!

  • Poses: Sweet Lovely Cute
  • Skin: Audri – Bubbles – Porcelain – Atomic
  • Eyes: Stella – V2-14 – Glam Affair
  • Lashes: Flutter – Atomic
  • Hair: Sasha – Jealous Red – – Hair Fair Release
  • Top: All About Me – Kyoot – Designers United IV Release
  • Pants: Powder Ribbon Leggings – Atomic
  • Skirt: Summertime – Sunny – Atomic
  • Shoes: Simple Flats – Urbanity
  • Jewelry: Necklace – PD Mambo (Puarangi Designs Jewelry), Ring – Leo Pink Flower – Needful Things

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