You never know what might happen or who you might meet


I had a little adventure shooting this picture. It began with a bit of SL wanderlust that had me wanting to find uncharted territories. I opened up the map and moved the slider so that I could distinguish individual sim terrain colors but not the sim details – about the size of my little fingernail. I was going map hopping. When I go map hopping, the only criteria I have for choosing a sim is that the surface is different from the default grass and sand. It can have darker grass and whiter sand and I am there, but the default is a clue that they didn’t put much thought into it. I found a few romantic garden spots with deep, lush dark green grass, but then I saw a sim that was red. Red! I had to go! And with the splashes of red in my outfit from Jador that I picked up at Modavia Fashion Week, this could be a great sim for shooting my outfit.

And it was! Locus is an amazing build full of complex structures and enough to explore for days. There’s several pictures of the build in my set for this post on Flickr. I often make a small tip to the sim owner when I shoot my pictures. I know my little tip is a drop in the tier bucket, but if we all added a drop, perhaps we would make it easier for people to keep these non-commercial sims open for our enjoyment. Anyway, the builder, DB Bailey, thanked me and popped in and gave me a tour of this sim and another project he did, the auditorium for Miss Azul over at BOSL. He knows Harper and I teleported her in and they had a lovely chat while I cammed around the build discovering that the stage lights were actually miniature Isadora Duncans and other small details that made the build so much more interesting than the usual.


Here was stunning imagination combined with high-level technical skill – an exciting find for map jumping. I checked out his web site later and discovered that DB Bailey also has used Second Life to the fullest, connecting students in Kansas and Cairo to design a real life project together. He’s a reminder of the endless possibilities of Second Life and many talents and geniuses who enrich our world.


Anyway, don’t be afraid to go map-hopping, the worst that can happen is that you get orbited or land in rock somewhere. And the best that can happen? The possibilities are as infinite as our imaginations. I went back the next day to shoot my photos. It really is a great place for that.  I love how the red picks out the red in the argyle, the obi-inspired sash and my bow and that there’s touches of blue almost the exact shade of the blue in the argyle. How cool is that? I have to mention my gorgeous new ankleboots from Baiastice. They gave me the height to really carry off these pants with their big cuffs.


I went for fun in my accessories – the owl necklace and llama earrings are from Bliensen and MaiTai for Jewelry Fair. The details are amazing! These are zoom-worth pieces of jewelry.


Is that the drama llama? If so, bring on the drama! He’s adorable. The hair is the gorgeous Bonjour from Lelutka. Lelutka has been releasing hair recently that puts the entire fashionista world into cathexis. Me, too, I am as gotta-have-it as anyone else. Speaking of cathexis, what about that skin from Belleza? And Mr. Tricky Boucher went wild and crazy with the makeup brush. I am giddy with options.

  • Jador ARGY Shirt, Pants, Belt and Sweater
  • Baiastice-Nicki Ankle Boots
  • [LeLutka]-HAIRBASE Rita
  • [LeLutka]-BONJOUR hair – Rita
  • -Belleza- Chloe Pale Light Brows
  • -Belleza- Chloe Pale 23
  • Bliensen + MaiTai – LLama! – Earring
  • Bliensen + MaiTai – Sapiencia – Necklace
  • Poetic Colors Eyes – classic – forest morning (m) dark
  • Location: Locus

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