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It is Easter a holiday, a Christian holiday celebrated on the day of a pagan rite celebrating spring. We are told it is named after Eostre, the goddess of spring. Our source for that is the Venerable Bede who wrote in his book On the The Reckoning of Time “Eosturmonath has a name which is now translated “Paschal month”, and which was once called after a goddess of theirs named Eostre, in whose honour feasts were celebrated in that month. Now they designate that Paschal season by her name, calling the joys of the new rite by the time-honoured name of the old observance.”




You know, he could have been joking. He did a lot of fabricating in his book. I guess, lacking Google, he filled in with imagination what he didn’t have well-sourced. The only thing that is known that several cognates in other languages mean dawn, so it’s possible it could be the dawn of spring. This really is the only early evidence of Eostre. There’s Grimm of course, but he’s closer to our time and is even more certainly inventing as he goes along.

Still, the commercial traditions of easter eggs and bunnies and peeps are harmless fun that make a holiday special for kids who are not quite ready to understand the metaphysical aspect of the day. They also give the holiday secular components that make it part of the unofficial civic religion that people of all and no faiths participate in as part of being here in this society. That is how Easter works for me. So, of course I am wearing an Easter bonnet, courtesy of Gidge who sent it to me. Thanks, Gidge!


A peep-perfect dress from Eclectic Apparel struck me as Easterriffic the moment I unpacked it. It goes pretty well with my Easter Bonnet. I added the Gos espadrilles, too. There’s a new version in the skin matching magic system, but since I have these old ones, I really could not justify the expense. However, I do think the new ones are peep-perfect, too! Please notice that the dress is not a solid yellow but features a gorgeous modern yellow on yellow print that is just too cool to miss. I also love my basket of eggs. It was the packaging for a group gift from Lelutka years ago. I saved it, which helps explain why my inventory is overloaded.


Ok, take a good look at the Hatology easter bunny hat. Isn’t it just about the perfect blend of fashion and kitsch? There are times when you must wear kitsch because it is exactly the light-hearted or campy note you need. This is one of those times. I venture that with this hat, any Easter is one of those times.


The jewelry is Tomorrow’s Cherries from Bliensen & MaiTai. It’s very springlike and oh-so pretty. The hair is the luscious Caprice from Truth – a gorgeous new hair.


Last but not least, there is the adorable Snow Rabbit Nea skin released for Skin Fair. Do I love it? I surely do. It’s a bit ingenue for me, but I still found the animations captivating, the smoothly rounded features rewarding and the entire effect so very pleasing. I only had one little issue at the neck and I think if I had fiddled a bit with my neck size it would have gone away. If you get out a magnifying glass you can see a bit of alpha kind of fuzziness where the neck meets the body, but really, who uses a magnifying glass? Now if Snow Rabbit would just make a mesh head for thirtysomethings.

Photography by Cajsa Lilliehook
for It’s Only Fashion
Store info at Blogging Second Life
Poses: Adorkable
Skin: Snow Rabbit: S@R Milky White Skin_Nea
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard
Lashes: Lelutka
Mani/Pedi: Leverocci – Round Nails_1FA_PinkPlain
Hair: >TRUTH< Caprice w/Roots – quince
Clothing: Eclectic e! Lila Dress (Sunshine) M
Hatology Black Easter Bunnyears Tophat (resize)
Shoes: [Gos] Espadrilles
Jewelry: Bliensen + MaiTai – Tomorrow’s Cherries
Egg Basket: An old Lelutka group gift package.

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    We’re hoarders.

    Also – I kinda love that mesh head……..

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