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I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.


The Old Astronomer is not a very good poem, but it does end well. Stars were on my mind thanks to the adorable Lootia shirts from Somnia for My Slink Obsession. Sanura Snowpaw of Somnia may have my head for how I am wearing it though. The shirts are actually long-sleeved, but I chose to wear them on my Slink Physique and then opted to not apply the sleeves for a tank top instead. A surprise benefit to wearing appliers – or an unintended consequence if you don’t like it, I suppose.


I wore the top with a grey denim skirt from Mai Bilavio who is also a creator for Vive9. While I was a My Slink Obsession, I also found some great nails from Licked & Painted and Adore & Abhor. I tag all my pictures on Flickr with the store names. If it’s more than one word, I have to put quotes around the store name. That makes me wish for more one word store names.

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Be Afraid


Alexander McQueen once said he wanted people to be afraid of the women he dresses. I thought of him when I put this dress on. McQueen was one of those who brought panniers back into fashion. He also designed cage skirts, though nothing like this one from Datrip Blackbart of Legal Insanity. The panniers do create an imposing silhouette. Add that to the almost gladiator-like design from Blackbart and you have reason to be afraid, to be very afraid. Afraid that if you don’t get down to FASHIONART, the fabulous fair celebrating the fusion of art and fashion that opened this morning, you will miss out.


I am in love with the attention to detail. Look at the tiny bows where the pannier meets the dress, the piping under the bodice and the embellishment along the edge of the center panel. It is all exquisite detail that sets this dress apart. IT comes in several colors and prints include a punk version that I love just as much as this one. Continue reading

Bright Lights, Big City


Yesterday I was feeling country and today it’s all about the big city. Legal Insanity’s Trunk Show is today and trunk shows are such a city phenomenon.  This Stefani Slim pants are one of the designs featured at the trunk show and they are fun fashion.

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Be My Monster Love


Yesterday was Valentine’s Day and I DJ’ed at The Velvet. I put together a set that was about all sides of love, the sweet hopeful love of Valentine’s Day Lovers and the doomed and bitter love of the anti-Valentine’s brigade. It covered many genres and was altogether great fun and good music. Also great fun was this short dress from Legal Insanity, a Valentine’s Day gift. I generally don’t wear graphics on my clothing, but this appealed to me and seemed too perfect for my set to wear anything else.


Maybe I should have shot a close-up to show the fabulous booties from Baiastice. These were released at Shoetopia, but they will be fresh for a long time with their immaculate construction and gorgeous studded heels.

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Can you feel the punk?


The other day I witnessed a passionate discussion about the rise of punk, one person quite rightly insisting that punk music was born in the United States while the other gamely tried to agree while asserting equally correctly that punk in the UK was very different, bringing with it a complete cultural aesthetic, with art, fashion and music coming together to make a punk scene. One of the people who made punk in the UK less a musical evolution and more a cultural revolution was Vivienne Westwood. How fitting that she is a style icon at The Style Icon, the grand fashion event running until the end of the month. This gown from Legal Insanity incorporates many the tempestuous and wild themes that distinguish Westwood’s designs and make her a fashion revolutionary – not just a fashion designer.

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Heat Rises


I am blogging early on a Saturday morning – 6:30 AM to be precise. Why so early? Mainly because heat rises. My downstair neighbor heats his apartment so much that the heat rising from below eliminates any need for me to heat, but also dramatically overheats my apartment. It’s 42° outside and I have the windows open and am wearing a little as a person can get away with open windows.

In my Second Life, I can dress more appropriately for the weather in a gorgeous new jacket from Legal Insanity. You know what’s insane? How gorgeous this jacket is, that’s what! I love the details, the cinched waist, the tie belt, the paid accents and inset, the bits of shearling peeking at the edges. It comes in plenty of color options and two prints, the plaid you see and a subtle chevron print. Continue reading

Keep It Simple


I completely fell in love with this coat from Topazia even though I am wearing it without its fur cuffs and collar. It comes in 9 lovely colors and is styled to easily wear over a dress or skirt. The collar and cuffs are typical prim fur with the typical alpha glitches that only disappear when viewed from the right direction. I thought the coat looked more chic and modern without them. However, for a more luxe look you can certainly add them. For me, I will go with the clean lines of the simple mesh coat.


As you can see, it’s not lacking for design details that define it as a high end coat with the caplet bodice and the lovely bow. The dress, worn a size smaller peek sour where it should and not where it should not. The little handbag from Cherry is delicious.
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Space and Time and Shoes

Shoetopia will be ending this weekend. When I logged on earlier today it was easy to get in, so if you have been waiting for it to slow down, now is your chance. Certainly one of the can’t miss items at Shoetopia are these amazing shoes from League. I love the rich texture and the beautiful details that are the quintessential League elements. League designs with a verisimilitude I love -the shoes are not too glossy, the metal is not too shiny. There’s little wrinkles around the curves and t-strap that show they have been worn a few times. That buckle embellishment on the back is such a great addition. I love every single thing about these shoes.

So on Monday I did a set at The Velvet in celebration of the 50th Anniversary Doctor Who special. For fellow Whovians, it was a delight, full of the kind of wit, warmth and good fun we expect from the series – all with the fate of the world in balance. I thought I would share since there is a fair amount of SL – Whovian overlap.
Meanwhile, I am still madly in love with the apothecary cabinet from Schadenfreuda for November’s Collabor88. I may pose with it forever.
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Quiet Contradictions

I love when designers do the unexpected and take something that has been around a long time and use it in a new way. The Fall/Winter collection from Legal Insanity is all about fusing contradictory elements into something new and exciting. One element is the fabric. Through most of the collection, designer Datrip Blackbart uses traditional menswear fabrics – pinstripes and plaids. However, you never see them made into the traditional suit. For the men, they show up in dropped-crotch pants and hoodies and other urban casuals. Meanwhile, for women you see the quiet contradiction of the traditional menswear pinstripe in a strapless formal gown. These pieces deny the expected and take us in an unexpected direction – but more importantly, they work. Looking at this gorgeous pinstripe gown, you can see how perfectly it works.
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