This jumpsuit makes my butt look sooooo cute!


Skin, jumpsuit and hair i’m wearing in the following pictures are some of my fav items ever and I must admit I have been wearing them quite a lot lately. I just love each of them and I think they go really great with each other.
You already know the Miamai jumpsuit ‘cause Cajsa blogged it and, yeah, it’s another beautiful gem created by the super talented monica Outlander:


What is she thinking?

Simply amazing.

And yes, it makes your butt look uber cute! Wanna see????

After the cut! 😀

This jumpsuit makes my butt look sooooo cute!

Oh yeah!!!!!  Me is giggling 😀 😀 😀

Ok, let’s go on (even though me is still giggling :D)!
As many of you probably know, there’s a big sale going on at Plastik because Aikea Rieko needs money to get her computer’s hard drive fixed (the one which she store all of her work on), otherwise, as she wrote “I’ve got to raise the money to get this fixed, or i’ll be starting over from scratch on EVERYTHING”. So her skins and clothes and accessories are 50% off, the new Aleria and Averian skins are 40% off and, obviously, I had to take advantage of this great opportunity to get a few of the Aleria Elven skins, which I simply adore, and here’s one of them, in the Colorless tone:


The beautiful eyes come with the skin, in many colours.

Now look at this hairstyle! How lovely is it?


I purchased it some weeks ago and I’ve finally found the time and the chance to show it to you guys. It’s Paisley from Magika and I don’t want to take it off anymore! 😛

Have fun, everyone, and smile.


  • Skin: PlastikAleria/Elven/Colorless
  • Hair: MagikaPaisley – B&W Pack
  • Jumpsuit: MiamaiLinda Jumpsuit – Purple
  • Tattoo: the plankNight Wolf
  • Eyes: Plastik – coming with the skin
  • Poses: Just A PoseSteppin’ Out
  • Location: Outpost 13

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  1. Kya

    Dunno what i like the most…..Jumpsuit, skin, hair…..butt! Yes yes tell ‘em to shake it! (Shake it!) <3

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