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Merry Christmas, Heidi Volare!

Heidi Volare_006

Heidi Volare may be familiar to blog readers as the author of The Fashionable Heart, but she graces us today as Guest Stylist. She has an easy, casual style that ranges from jeans and t-shirt to super-sexy club dresses, or as she referred to it, “the hoochie.” I don’t know, myself, I think she looks a bit too elegant for hoochie. She’s the perfect femme fatale.

Heidi Volare_001

Everybody knows that femme fatales haunt moody, eccentric and atmospheric nightclubs, so we went to Flashman’s, where Art Deco meets idiosyncrasy and one can imagine a thousand stories. I can imagine the “Lost Generation” idling here while arguing the finer points of  a sentence or Weimar Republic spies passing maps or world-class thieves planning their next caper around the hookah.

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Running Round the Metaverse

So I spent a portion of the weekend running around, going shopping, going to sims, checking my landmarks thinking I would clean them up. I had big plans for the weekend in terms of getting my inventory under control (did not happen) but I did check out and delete some landmarks – mourning the loss of some wonderful sims and art installations lost in the whole openspaces change.  When I hop around from place to place, I like some comfortable clothes like these that make me feel ready for anything.

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