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Event Fusion

posted by Gidge Uriza

The Designers United event missed my radar somehow until I saw Cajsa’s blogpost. I don’t know how I missed it but I’m scattered, what can I say?

I had been petting and drooling over the gorgeous creativity dropped on the Hair Fair by Tekeli-Li this year (yes this Barbie is a huge Tekeli-Li fan, go figure) and I had my skin all picked out but just couldn’t decide what to wear – until I got the DU notice about this dress from ORTA.

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Three Event Openings in One Day: Bring It On

Callie Oh_020.jpg
For SL Fashionistas, this weekend presents the beginning of an embarrassment of riches coupled with the opportunity to do good while looking good. Yes, there are three, three highly anticipated events that opened this weekend and two of them are fundraisers. One is Designers United, the sporadic exhibition of design focused on a single theme, another is Hair Fair, raising funds for Wigs for Kids, and the other is Project Donate, an emergency fundraiser for UNICEF and their program of flood relief for Pakistan. To visually demonstrate that all this activity should be embraced as a good thing, I put together an outfit featuring items from all three events.
Callie Oh_024.jpg
In fact, I decided to take the idea of mixing up the events so far that the top I am wearing is part Designers United and part Project Donate. The upper portion comes from La Gyo’s Antique Tunic for Designers United and the bottom portion comes from Bublee Bing’s Inspired by Valentino dress for Project Donate. The skirt also comes from the Inspired by Valentino Dress
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The Crows

The Designers United event is always fascinating. It’s wonderful to see the way creative minds percolate away, bubbling up with new and exciting ideas even when they focus on one central theme. This time the theme was crows and there were some truly fabulous designs produced. It reminded me, though, of a dress from Redgrave – this Cord Sequin Mini-Dress I bought several months ago, so I pulled it out to mix in with some of the Designers United pieces for a new look. The hot demi-gloves come with the Redgrave dress. The bracelets are from Zaara and Gabriel.

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