elf tuesday – 2/52 Blue

 2/52 blue

Ok Luna, its week 2 of the 52 weeks of color challenge, and you have picked out the colour that I think I have the LEAST of in my inventory.  I mean, I could almost start to take this personally, bcuz if you type the word “blue” into my inventory, perhaps 10 items come up.  *sings to self*  ‘I gots no blue bla da dee da da dooo…”

2/52 blue

However, it is in the elven nature to try to find the positive side, and avoid feeling so blue, and it occurred to me that my lack of blue inventory gave me a reason to shop…  this week retail therapy was a success!

   2/52 blue

Hai thar blue, you are not just for my eyes anymore, meet the rest of my inventory and talk amongst yourselves.

Style Credits:

  • Hair:  “Sonnet” from Shag
  • Skin: “Dafne” from PXL
  • Freckle Layer from Mynerva
  • Eyes:  “Expressive eyes” by Nany Merlin
  • Lashes: “Innocent-gentle” from glow
  • Necklace: “My Yummy Necklace” from A&M
  • Dress: “Lumiere” from couverture
  • Socks: “Loose Socks” from Mocha
  • Shoes: “ChickyChick” from Periquita
  • Poses from <<gesticulate>>

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