Merry Christmas, Heidi Volare!

Heidi Volare_006

Heidi Volare may be familiar to blog readers as the author of The Fashionable Heart, but she graces us today as Guest Stylist. She has an easy, casual style that ranges from jeans and t-shirt to super-sexy club dresses, or as she referred to it, “the hoochie.” I don’t know, myself, I think she looks a bit too elegant for hoochie. She’s the perfect femme fatale.

Heidi Volare_001

Everybody knows that femme fatales haunt moody, eccentric and atmospheric nightclubs, so we went to Flashman’s, where Art Deco meets idiosyncrasy and one can imagine a thousand stories. I can imagine the “Lost Generation” idling here while arguing the finer points of  a sentence or Weimar Republic spies passing maps or world-class thieves planning their next caper around the hookah.

Heidi Volare_004

Speaking of stories, I am curious about the story that tells how that dress happened to come so strategically unzipped!

Heidi Volare_007

The owner of that lit cigarette never showed up. I imagine he was a spy and realized his cover was blown and slipped out through the back door. This is a club for dangerous people – people like Heidi who is clearly the femme fatale in this adventure. Femme fatales can be recognized by their markings – shoes with stiletto heels that can kill at twenty paces.

Heidi Volare_012

Here she is trying to look innocent, but I happen to know those earrings can be removed and used as deadly weapons in a second.

  • Poses: oOo Studio
  • Skin: Mojo//Sicily // 22-
  • Eyes: ! FASHISM ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Eggplant Pale v2
  • Lashes: [ glow ] eyelashes – Clean 01
  • Hair: *booN TUN247
  • Dress: ** Via Dress Lace
  • Shoes: N-core Ultraplatform “Hiver”
  • Accessories: Back Piercing: Dermal Studs -Arrow- (Back) Anodized Titanium | Lip Piercing: .Pekka. Fidelity Piercing
  • Jewelry:
  • Earrings: A&Ana Me’Ammore Earrings
  • Ring: LaGyo_Shield rings copper/white
  • Tattoo: AITUI TATTOO – Heart

One thought on “Merry Christmas, Heidi Volare!

  1. Heidi Volare

    Caj, thank you again for giving me the opportunity here. Your pictures and writings are wonderful. The photos came out very moody and dark, just like you intended. Lovely! I am very honored.

    –Heidi Volare

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