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Ok, I lied. I’ve got some red white and blue. But it’s cute. And for the next 48 hours you’re gonna see it. I promise you no whacky hats or nutty hairs.

Well, I mostly promise.

Americana from GYPSY SOUL is a great dress for those of you feeling patriotic but not in that “I WILL WEAR AN UNCLE SAM HAT WHILE SINGING ALONG TO STARS AND STRIPES FOREVER” sort of mood.

Cuz, that sound doesn’t actually have words.

I’m sporting a new piece from EarthStones-  Hair Sticks! Am I the only one who LOVES Hair Sticks as an accessory? I’m always looking for hair that they are appropriate with. If only I could make them work in my RL hair!

The Flight of Freedom Hairsticks are available at EarthStones along with the rest of the lovely pieces created by Abraxxa to celebrate the American Declaration of Independence.

For those non-Americans reading this, this is the day that we said “Umm, yeah, British Empire – thanks for all the infrastructure and civilization but – we’re out.” Only in America would we celebrate THAT day vs. the day we actually won the war, right? I love being us!

Enjoy your Independence Day Weekend Americans! And everyone else – you are welcome, as always – to our party. I believe the Statue of Liberty says as much. The bit about the party is just understood.

Style Notes

***Bold R Indicates a Review Item***

  • Shape – Gidge Custom Shape by Hatchy Mills
  • Skin – Free Speerit Kimberly
  • Hair – Truth – Hazel 2 – Dune
  • Dress-  Gypsy Soul – Americana (on sale 1/2 off this weekend!)
  • Necklace – EarthStones – Flight of Freedom necklace and earrings R
  • Hair Sticks- EarthStones – Flight of Freedom Hair Sticks R
  • Shoes – EarthStones – Lalika Sandals – Independance (with color changing stones and metals!) R
  • Nails – Adam n Eve – ROGUE

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