What To Wear To The Drunken Drow?

posted by Gidge Uriza

My friend Delilah Drutmann dropped me a notecard a couple of weeks ago that said SHHH! Surprise party for Jezabel! At the Drunken Drow! Here is the LM!

As they are both my RL friends, and folks I drug into the Metaverse with me, I obviously HAD to attend.  But shortly after I got them out of their newbie attire, those two girls ran off into their own SL and I don’t see them all that much. So I was interested to see what they were about now that we didn’t hang IN WORLD so much.

And you’re having the party WHERE? The Drunken Drow?

Now, I sort of know what a Drow is. I know – cuz I’ve seen Drow make-up and skins. And now you know the length of my knowledge, and the breadth of it as well. I asked Delilah,”What do you guys WEAR there? What is the costume or style?” And she just said “Oh casual don’t worry about it.”

When she says things like that, it’s like she’s never met me. 🙂

So of course I TPd in on my own, to check it out. I saw a lot of capes, and jerkins, and Lord this and Lord that. I couldn’t get the place to rezz enough to tell if it was a true DROW/ELF creature bar or what…..but that was my machine acting up.

I threw caution to the wind and knew that I had two great little freebie gowns from Mer-Elf and that a nice, “period” type gown and long hair would work fine. Which, obviously it did. This blue dress is only L$1 and there is an orangish-red color exactly like it – also for only L$1.

There is a slight quibble, and I’m not picking on Mer-Elf actually, but just a note to ALL designers. MAKE YOUR GLITCH PANTS MOD! Seriously. You don’t know how many outfits become UNWEARABLE because I cannot mod your glitchpants to make them longer, more high waisted, or shorter.

If you look just under the belt of this dress – you can see a small patch of flesh. Whether this dress is L$1 or L$1000 – just allowing the modification of the glitch pants would’ve made the dress perfect.

And for L$1 – truthfully, it’s not much of a quibble. I love the rich detail of the trim and the neckline is classic. Just make those glitch pants mod! 🙂

And that goes for all of you. Your customers will love you for it.

Fashion Details

***Promotional and Review Copies Noted with an “R”***

  • Shape – Gidge Custom Shape by Hatchy Mills
  • Skin – Free Speerit – Kimberly
  • Hair – Damselfly – Cathryn – Sand Dollar Blend
  • Eyes- FNKY – Purple Rain
  • Dress – Mer Elf Dollarbie Blue Gown – Avail in Orange “R”
  • Necklace – Hearts and Doves by Dinee Ghia
  • Shoes- Tesla Elise 2 Elevate
  • Nails – Love Soul French Purple

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  1. Morgaine Price

    Thank you for pointing it out. ALL my stuff is usually mod/copy/no transfer. But I think i made this gown during the Christmas Rush and it might have missed my tired eyes. I have made mod versions available to them now and have placed it in their boxes. If you purchased thsi gown before and want mod pants please let me know. Thank You

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