Sexy In Slink

posted by Gidge Uriza

My friend Ersatz is such an attention HOAR. I swear. I was gonna post this on Monday after all the July4 shenanigans but I thought she’d pop an aneursym stamping her well heeled feet if I didn’t post STRAIGHT AWAY.

Plus you know, when shooting with her, you have to put up with all her SELF-ASS Admiration which is VERY distracting

Ersatz Charisma smacks that fine ass. THEN smacks yours too.

You see what I have to put up with?

She’s not ALL bad though. She baby-powerdered my entire naked body to help me get into this latex suit. I mean, that’s a really thoughtful friend, right?

 This was the first time anyone ever suggested that the baby powder would stick better if I was covered with saliva though…..I never heard of that. Must be some new thing! Oh well, she’s a good friend to help me with that……..don’t you think?

Anyway…….new latex catsuits. From Slink. Get one. Boots come with! With a hud even I eventually figured out!

Ersatz Charisma (Hoar) is Wearing:

  • Clothes -Slink Vixen CatSuit in Ruby
  • Skin – Lelutka – Lola – Dark
  • Hairbase – Brown by LAQ
  • Eyes – Hermony- Smog
  • Eye Jewels – BOOM – Eye Glamour
  • A Hoarish Attitude

Gidge Uriza (Not Hoar) Is Wearing:

  • Clothes – Slink Vixen Catsuit in Rose
  • Hair – Exile – Grace – Ash
  • Skin – Belleza – Alyson – SK12
  • Eyes – Poetic Color – Lavender Fields
  • Lashes – Exile – Razor
  • Nice Girl Attitude

7 thoughts on “Sexy In Slink

  1. elusyve

    Gidge, you’ve now been raised to sainthood, surviving a shoot with THE attention ass hoar!! Takes the pressure off me for a bit tho 😛

  2. Winter

    I’d hit that hoar, and hard. Can you BLAME her being proud of that ass?

    And that’s not what she told me happened, Gidge. She mentioned you were there waving around the tube of KY and gibbering excitedly…

  3. Harper

    Of course, after you wedged yourself into this, you should have had a Kit Kat bar. (Old print advertisement, similar circumstances….)

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