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Tweed: Fabrics of Fall

I miss Gidge, don’t you? She’s been offline a lot for a very good reason, all her energy going into making a baby so she’s sleeping and napping and sleeping some more. And that’s all good if it means a happy, healthy baby in April. But I still miss her and the blog really misses her posts. She’s so funny and so much fun to pal around with.

And you know she would come up with some clever title to highlight the name of the store for this gorgeous jacket/dress. It’s a lovely tweed with frog toggle closures running up the front. Other great details include the slightly puffed sleeves and cuffs. Though the skirt prim is not open in the front, making it a dress, not a jacket, I decided to squint and think of it as a jacket anyway and wore it with the great tweed pants from Zona Cero.

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Ghost Hunting

Yes, I went ghost hunting, and will share a great find in this post, but there were other Halloween promotions this weekend, including freebies that were just there and not hiding in trees, closets, airshafts and right in front of my nose. Take this lovely Halloween makeup from The Obscene – completely free and not hiding anywhere.  After some of the toughies, a little easy one was nice. Continue reading