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A Universe in Your Hand

As the Accessory Fair opens on this beautiful Saturday morning, I am thrilled to be featuring the Hera Earrings and Cocktail Ring from Abraxxa Anatine of EarthStones. I remember some several months back that she told me she was going to do something really crazy, that she always wanted to do. Abraxxa is one of those who doesn’t give hints, though, so it was not until she finished the ring that she shared the story of seeing this amazing ring that she fell in love with and lusted for. Like most of us, though, the $26,000 price tag made her jaw drop and made that dream unattainable – until she decided to make it for herself in Second Life®. Luckily for all of us, she has also made matching earrings and not only are these gorgeous, extraordinarily detailed masterpieces available they are not $26,000 or even 26,000 lindens. As you can see, the pieces consist of five constellations of diamonds around a central clusters of gems and  inner suns of citrines and topaz – a veritable cluster of solar systems – an entire universe to adorn yourself.

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