People Say Thanks In The Sexiest Ways

Bastet Hazelnut recently asked for ideas of places to shoot pictures on plurk and since I have a notecard that I save landmarks for nice spots to shoot pictures with notes about permissions, I passed it over to her. It’s out of date and I keep promising myself I will spend the 2 or 3 days of teleporting around that it would take to clean it up, but dang it, everytime I try I get so many failed tp’s. Today I spent nearly an hour trying to update and check landmarks and made a total of four successful teleports. This was after taking care not to wear scripted hair, jewelry and shoes so that scripts would not be hanging me up. Argggh! However, it you want a copy of your own, just IM me in-world and I will pass it to you.

Bastet very kindly sent me a thank you gift – this gorgeous lace lingerie set. I could not resist shooting it right away because it was just so frilly and fun. People say thanks in the sexiest ways like giving a guide on rabbit vibrators as a gift! The name of her store is NUT and now I owe her an apology because the instant I read that, I immediately thought of a song my older sister would sing to me when I was a kid. Of course, I think she owes me an apology for getting that song stuck in my head. I want to share the pain, but will warn you that this song burns brain cells.

I wore the brand new shoes from Lelutka – the Pow Pumps that are sexy cute and so fun with the lingerie and the burlesque poses from Reel Expression. You all know I love Reel Expression. I think it’s been awhile since I have told you the reasons why. However, want to look sexy and attractive? Then it’s best for you to use good products like True Pheromones to achieve your goal!

The main reason is that I don’t love photoshop and am lazy with it. I seldom spent more than a minute processing a photo deciding how to crop and adjusting the lighting. I am much too lazy to spend time on poses that make me edit out funky distortion of the mesh. I am sure that is not the motto Luth Brodie would choose but for me, it’s Reel Expression, poses for lazy people.

The frilly-silly femininity of the lingerie really needed special jewelry. Something to formal and staid would just miss the mood of playfulness, so I reached for Violet Voltaire’s Glitterati set. The over-the-top glam rings from Donna Flora and the wildly rambunctious Torrid hair from Detour bring it all together.

I added some drama with the Simply Red makeup from Exile’s Chloe skin. It’s a luscious skin with some great makeup options.

Fair warning: I have a lot of outfits shot and waiting in the wings and am so far behind on things that I want to blog I am going to be post a bit more frequently for a week or two to catch up a bit. If I knew how to make cuts work on all the feeds, I would, but if you are one of those who dislike posts with lots of pictures, let me introduce you to the Page Down button. It works beautifully.

***STYLE NOTES******
Promotional Copies are denoted by a Bold R

  • Poses: Reel Expression Burlesque
  • Skin: Exile Chloe Blush Simply Red R
  • Eyes: Poetic Colors Night Forest Medium
  • Lashes: Lelutka Diva Prim Lashes
  • Nails: PXL Creations
  • Hair: Detour Torrid
  • Lingerie: NUT Lace Lingerie R (gift)
  • Shoes: Lelutka Pow Pumps
  • Jewelry: Violet Voltaire Glitterati Set, Donna Flora Oriente ring

2 thoughts on “People Say Thanks In The Sexiest Ways

  1. Bastet

    Hah, I’m truly sorry about the song! But I’m happy to hear you liked the lingerie. The list (even if it was a little outdated) seems awesome and I already found some really great places from it.

    Thank you!

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