Pose Appreciation: oOo Studio


Poses are what separates avatars from mannequins and dress up dolls. They convey emotions, attitudes and actions. In a photo, we can have the most beautiful setting and glorious gowns, but without a pose, we have no narrative. They are the verbs in our Second Life® stories. Olaenka Chesnokov of oOo Studio is a wonderful storyteller. Do I really have to tell you that this pose is from her Bitch series? Can’t you tell by looking?


I put together this outfit with some bits and pieces old and new. The old is the Hoja top from Armidi, a store that broke many a fashionista heart when it closed. It has rebranded as The Warehouse. The shoes from Kunglers are a few months old, but they wear well. The skirt, though, is brand spanking new from Purple Moon for FAIR. This is the final FAIR event and it’s full of wonderful items, so be sure you get there. Also new is the fun corset from Plastik for the Tomorrow Today fundraiser.


Here you get a closer look at the corset and the fabulous jewelry from CAE, the new jewelry store that will surely take SL fashion by storm.


I added this Belleza skin with subtle makeup. With such striking items as the necklace and the corset, it makes sense to choose a more subtle makeup. The hair is Marley, from Truth, and was released this month.

Store info at Blogging Second Life
Poses: oOo Studio
Skin: Belleza Shyla Pale 4
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard
Mani/Pedi: SLink Mesh Hands
Hair: Truth Marley
Clothing: Armidi Gisaci Hoja Top
Purple Moon Break Skirt – FAIR
Plastik Euthanasia Corset Achilles (Tomorrow Today maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Heavenly%20Views/162/110/43)
Shoes: Kunglers Morgana Cream
Jewelry: CAE Knotted Set

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