AN IOF PSA:Making TPV Your Windlight Bitch

My normal calm demeanor has been shattered recently with some issues I’ve experienced with my graphics. My best friends have had to endure hours of me raging “WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH MY FUCKING GRAPHICS CARD?” and other assorted profanities like that.
You might say, “Goodness, Gidge. Such LANGUAGE! Buy a new machine.”
“Ah, but you see,” I would explain. “I just did. I just shelled out a fortune on a new machine with lots of fancies, to the point that the sales guy at compuCenter about wanked off as I picked out my add ons. So, it’s not the machine.”

If you are not on my plurkline, you have probably missed a few weeks of me also plurking “WHAT THE FUCK AM I DOING WRONG WAAAAAAH” and assorted lovely things like that. So you might not know what exactly was challenging me.

It was this – the moment I ticked the “Basic Shaders” button in graphics settings – in ANY TPV (I use Kirstens and Phoenix) – my avatar would do THIS.

If you can’t quite see why this is a problem take a closer look.

It looks like antialiasing isn’t on.

But it was – at 16X.

At this point, I ran the gauntlet. I enabled antialising via my vid card. I ticked this and unticked that. I made sure I had hardware skinning on. I made sure I had framebuffer objects checked. I made sure I had shadows checked in the developer menu.

I did and redid all of the basics I could think of. But last night, as I was trying to take pics on location I plurked my wail of despair one time. And was answered by Kianna Noel.

She sent me to my DEBUG SETTINGS and said, make sure my RENDERUSEFbo and RENDERDEFFERED were both set to FALSE.

Now, when I brought them up – there were sitting on FALSE. I switched them to TRUE, then BACK TO FALSE.

Voila. Windlight.

I generally shoot too BRIGHT of a windlight setting for shadows to work properly but I did pop settings around to make sure they worked. They do YAY.

I knew in my heart it was a setting. But given the massive number OF settings, how to ever figure it out? In my world – just keep asking. Yeah people get tired of it. But eventually, an angel pops up and says “Did you plug it in?”

See? I just needed to plug it in. 🙂


This is one of my favorite eye makeups from the new PXL CREATIONS Gaia Line.

Ok I’m off! Happy Thursday! PS – It’s MY FRIDAY WOOOOT!

*Side note – this is one of the only locations I’ve ever seen on the log in page I’ve ever been able to find. YAY!

Shopping List:
Shot on Location at COSMO
Skin – PXL Creations – Gaia sunkissed Tone with Freckles
Makeups – PXL Creations – Gaia – Pink Lips, Summer Stripes Eyes
Lashes – Amacci – Eyelash Tattoo Six
Hair – Truth – Sia – Champagne
Glasses – Alpha Villain -Hpbbyist – Albero Gatcha Festival
Top – Sn@tch – Butch Tank Top
Jeans – Callie Cline – Signature Dark Denim Black Jeans
Jewelry – MOOD – Pangani Bangles, Choker and Earrings
Shoes – A-Bomb- Sileny Flats
Poses – STaTUS
Ring – EarthStones – Destiny Bridal Set
Shape – Savoir Faire- Gidge

2 thoughts on “AN IOF PSA:Making TPV Your Windlight Bitch

  1. Chic Aeon

    So glad you got it working. I know how very frustrating it can be. I too have a new stellar and smoking computer but according to Kirsten (who should like KNOW :D) my issue is my ATI card and the software’s inability to recognize it. Hence I have those nasty lines if I go for shadows. So I have embraced a shadowless world and actually it is so clear I don’t often mind.

    A deep breath and a pat on the back for yourself is indeed in order for sticking with it. Congrats.

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