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On Moody Monday I'm Downright Cranky

All viewers hate me at the moment.

But I love the new top from MOONSHINE – Candid, and the KESS hair from Dark Mouse.

Moody Monday is STILL going on and you can find lotsa amazing things. I would show you more but like I said – ALL VIEWERS HATE ME AT THE MOMENT.

I love hair with barrettes and pins. Totally fun.

The ridiculous earrings are 1L on Marketplace. Or zero. They Might be ZERO!

Your Shopping List:

Everything at Moody Monday
I’m also wearing
Jeans from Fri.Day
Shoes – Moxie from Maitreya
Skin – Erika from Belleza
Glasses- from Alphavillain – GATCHA PRIZE at Albero

And other stuff but I crashed before I could write it down and I’m bitter.
All poses from STaTUS – cuz I’m self promoting like that.

AN IOF PSA:Making TPV Your Windlight Bitch

My normal calm demeanor has been shattered recently with some issues I’ve experienced with my graphics. My best friends have had to endure hours of me raging “WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH MY FUCKING GRAPHICS CARD?” and other assorted profanities like that.
You might say, “Goodness, Gidge. Such LANGUAGE! Buy a new machine.”
“Ah, but you see,” I would explain. “I just did. I just shelled out a fortune on a new machine with lots of fancies, to the point that the sales guy at compuCenter about wanked off as I picked out my add ons. So, it’s not the machine.”

If you are not on my plurkline, you have probably missed a few weeks of me also plurking “WHAT THE FUCK AM I DOING WRONG WAAAAAAH” and assorted lovely things like that. So you might not know what exactly was challenging me.

It was this – the moment I ticked the “Basic Shaders” button in graphics settings – in ANY TPV (I use Kirstens and Phoenix) – my avatar would do THIS.

If you can’t quite see why this is a problem take a closer look.

It looks like antialiasing isn’t on.

But it was – at 16X. Continue reading

Mens Monday Mania Rolls Into Town

I would’ve bought a shirt but I ran out of money. So I put on bangles and earrings from MOOD to class it up.

Fear and Clothing and SUR+ are just two of the creators you will find at the Mens Monday Mania event at Shopping Cart Disco Headquarters. Posers, hair designers, clothing creators and makers of things for guys can be found and everything is less than 1ooL.

It’s a sale day just for the men and the girls and their ALTS. Shhh we won’t tell.

I am torn between which I love best, these awesome Fight City jeans from FEAR AND CLOTHING or the wicked NAIROBI hat from SUR+. You probably need them both. Continue reading

I Gacha Culture Shock Right Here

Innocently checking my transaction history one day – I saw on the Events Calendar – THE MONKEY MORALITY EXHIBIT.

And well, you know what happened next. Continue reading