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The Light Masters – A Beginners Windlight Tutorial

The problem I find with most tutorials is that they are guides to enhance a skill you already have. It’s difficult to ever find a tutorial that assumes you don’t know how anything works, or what to do. So for SL10B this year, I decided my contribution would be the sort of tutorial I’m always trying to find – a tutorial for people like me who haven’t a CLUE how to do something.

For many people, there’s tweaks and adjustments that make them and their avatar unique. Some of the best bloggers though, are those who control their light and force the grid to do their bidding without the aid of PS or other tools.

You have to start somewhere, and making something simple is always the best way. So what I’m going to do is teach you the way I learned. Who knows, maybe you’ll be a new Strawberry Singh or Gogolita when you get good enough at it. Cajsa’s a pro, but this is beginner stuff. This is how to do it if you really really don’t even know where to start. Continue reading

Ground Offset, where have you been all my SLife?

Screen shot 2012-05-04 at 7.57.10 AM

In the picture above, you can see that my hands are in the globe. I can fix that in Exodus as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Click on the quick preferences in the lower left
  2. Find the ground offset option
  3. Shift it up or down to shift position to the right spot.

Screen shot 2012-05-04 at 7.57.01 AM

And there you have it, hands out of the globe. By the way, this is even better at helping when your feet sink in some prim terrain or float above the stairs. Now let’s please see this in every viewer.

Lighting, Shadows and Projectors, Oh My!

So, now that my preferences are set and I have fine-tuned my windlight settings, I can finally take a picture! Whew! But wait, my necklace is missing pieces and my feet show through my shoes. I even have some bald patches! And after all that work!

Never fear! Debug is here!

Open Debug Settings from the Advanced Menu and type in rendervolumeLODFactor. It will autocomplete by the time you type L which stands for LOD which stands for Level of Detail. You want this set at 4 or higher. I find that 4 is high enough for everything I am wearing, but I suppose if I wanted to see the hazelnut in the raven’s claws 75 meters overhead, I might want to crank it up higher.

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Where Did They Hide My Windlight?

Those of us who have installed Second Life viewer updates recently have all had a moment when we said “Gack! Where’s my windlight? What have they done!!!” Actually, I am sure most of us had more profane things to say as we struggled to understand this new interface. My first reaction was totally negative. I have found a couple silver linings, though, to the grey cloud that is the new interface and struggled through. I am sure that other folks who are also exploring the new interface has even more ideas of how to use it more easily and hope everyone can share their tips, because the new interface has confounded some folks. As I get more comfortable with it, there are some things I value.

The Environment Editor is in the same place as ever, though we have faster access to the different components of the editor than before. They have also given us some additional day presets so we can choose our Second Life environment and still have it cycle through day and night. This will be a great benefit to role-playing sims and other sims that want a day and night cycle, but want a different environment than the default we are all used to.

Ambitious people can create their own Day Cycle or Fixed Sky settings and make them the default for their region, giving people a much stronger level of control over how people experience their sims. We used to get notecards at a sim with a suggested windlight setting we could replicate if we weren’t too lazy. Then we could get notecards in some viewers that we could click on to import a setting or get a link to a preset we could download and install, if we weren’t too lazy. Now, all we have to do is got there and unless we override the region’s lighting with our own, we will see what they want us to see. That’s a bonus.

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The All-In-One Set Up Tip Sheet

For some reason the regular Second Life viewer decided that I could only log into the beta grids. I tried all sorts of things to convince it that I wanted to go elsewhere, but it ignored me and kept defaulting back to the beta grid. Eventually I manual deleted all my App Settings folders for Second Life, deleting the cache, preference, everything. Since I had to reset my preferences anyway, I thought I might give you a walk-through of how I set up my computer to shoot photos.

First I press CTL-OPT-D to open the Advanced Menu.  I want to be able to cam all over with my camera so Deselect Limit Select Distance. This not only lets me edit things far away, but I can also option-click on them to bring them into the exact center of the picture. Then I Disable Camera Constraints so I can move my camera vision all over, far away or close up. I select High-Res Photos because it doubles the pixel count of the pictures you save.  I also select Quiet Snapshots to Disc so that I don’t get the click sound and also so I don’t make a cheesy smile in every picture. I also enable the Show Development Menu for some things later one.

(Handy Tip #1: See that Rendering Types Menu. Remember that! If you are editing a prim and it runs away from you and gets buried in a mountain or if you move your pose stand and accidentally lower it into the ground you can go there and rescue your lost and buried items. Just deselect Surface Patch and the ground disappears and there your things are.)
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AN IOF PSA:Making TPV Your Windlight Bitch

My normal calm demeanor has been shattered recently with some issues I’ve experienced with my graphics. My best friends have had to endure hours of me raging “WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH MY FUCKING GRAPHICS CARD?” and other assorted profanities like that.
You might say, “Goodness, Gidge. Such LANGUAGE! Buy a new machine.”
“Ah, but you see,” I would explain. “I just did. I just shelled out a fortune on a new machine with lots of fancies, to the point that the sales guy at compuCenter about wanked off as I picked out my add ons. So, it’s not the machine.”

If you are not on my plurkline, you have probably missed a few weeks of me also plurking “WHAT THE FUCK AM I DOING WRONG WAAAAAAH” and assorted lovely things like that. So you might not know what exactly was challenging me.

It was this – the moment I ticked the “Basic Shaders” button in graphics settings – in ANY TPV (I use Kirstens and Phoenix) – my avatar would do THIS.

If you can’t quite see why this is a problem take a closer look.

It looks like antialiasing isn’t on.

But it was – at 16X. Continue reading