Lost Toys And Forgotten Loves

Scrolling through the Destination Guide looking for some place random to shoot I stumbled upon a new to me build. An interactive display of lost and forgotten toys. Blocks and marbles will crash from the sky. Dolls and wind up toys whirl about on their courses with no one to play with them.

It’s a haunting yet delightful place to be. I was tickled every time I was sent flying by a rain of marbles from the unseen hand in the sky.

When I was little, the toys at my grandmother’s, where I spent a lot of time, were simply old and leftover toys of my mother’s. Old blocks, cigar boxes full of crayons or pastels, a rocking horse, a doll house with random furniture pieces, bags of marbles, board games you never heard of – these things I’d wile away the hours with. I never thought of them as old or incomplete, they were just simply the toys at Grandma’s. They were an entity unto themselves. It never occurred to me pieces were missing or that they were worn and faded.

It’s easy to forget and lose what is simple and uncomplicated. It’s really hard to get it back.

Your Shopping List:
Dress:~ E&E : Diamond Dress [Platinum Hunt]
Pedicure:Adam n Eve Pedicure Ice blue
Manicure:[ PXL ] Manicure – White – BlackFrench
Eyeshadow:[PXL] GAIA NAT GlitterPink Eyes (Tattoo)
Lashes: Amacci – Eyelash Tattoo 3
Lipstick:[PXL] GAIA NAT Pink Lips (Tattoo)
Skin:[PXL] Kasumi NAT Messy Eyes
Hair :Exile:: Riot Girl:Roots-Vanilla
Rings:Dark Mouse Statement Ring – Brilliance
Ears: diamond nekoture ear by caLLie cLine
Lip Ring: EarthStones Butterfly Kiss Lip Ring Sugilite (mouth attach)
Shoes: Donna Flora:RAMONA Cream
Shape: Gidge ~Savoir Faire Shapes~ (new)
More Lipstick:[PXL] Kasumi NAT PinkLips
Eyes: Poetic Colors – Cosmic Dawn

Poses – STaTUS

Taken at MetaLES (128, 149, 22)

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