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Go Back to the Accessory Fair! Now!

Indy & Co Farouk_001

If you have already gone to the Accessory Fair and think you have seen it all, you haven’t. Indy & Co. just released Indyra Seigo’s contribution to the Accessory Fair as she was ill. You are probably more familiar with her clothing for Indyra Originals, but she also has a shoe line called Coquette Noir and the jewelry line called Indy & Co. The Farouk Necklace and Earrings are a bold addition to the many Egyptian-inspired pieces at the Accessory Fair and make an elegant transition from ancient to modern fashion.

la topasienne diamrnt noir _001
I will be showing you several pieces in this post, so I wanted a perfect dress to highlight jewelry. I chose the Rosalie gown from Miao as it’s a perfect foil for jewelry with v-neckline and classic shape. It has a modern touch with a wide beaded waistband. Coming with a sculpt or flexi-skirt it allows you the option of the movement of flexi or the photographic charms of sculpts.
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Water Baby

Astrologically, I am a fire sign – an Aries. But I have always been a water baby at heart – I grew up on a lake, spent untold hours canoeing miles of rivers in the NorthWoods and love the sounds of water. I have been blessed to hear the breaking up of the ice on the lake as the waves smash it into ever smaller shards on the shore – creating the sound of thousands of glass wind-chimes ringing as the shards clash against each other and the rocks on the shore. I love the sound of waves, the roaring of waterfalls and the lonely cries of loons resounding over the water. One of the joys of Second Life is replicating the sounds of my childhood – though I have yet to find anyone who has recorded the ice breaking up or the snap and growl of the ice in winter.

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