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Gidge’s Fast Five: May the Fourth Be With You Edition

GidgeFast Five We are getting over three inches of rain today where I am in RL. THREE INCHES. I am lucky that I live high on a ridge, those zombies down in Atlanta will all drown or float away and all this walking dead business will be solved. But until then, I thought I’d bring you a fast five.

1. Gothic Maid Doll: I love this first picture. Does she have an egg hanging out of her mouth? Seriously, I was torn between giggling and ooooing because of the gorgeous tones of this photo. It’s a great costumed or role play look. I’m not sure WHAT you’d role play in it but that’s your business. Continue reading

Gidge’s Fast Five: April 25 – Avatars Doing Things and Going Places

GidgeFast Five
Today I am focusing on avatars doing my favorite things – being out in the grid and living their second existence.


1. Owlfit 336: Despite her pics being bigger than they are supposed to be for the feed – they are cute pics so I forgive her.  I love the sassy look, a cute casual out and about on a hot day styling. I want to go to this cafe and order pie now. Continue reading

Gidge’s Fast Five April 18th

GidgeFast Five I was scrolling through the feeds this morning while drinking my coffee and realized I’d noted two posts to look at later for shopping, therefore I was almost to a fast five. Thus, I bring you the Fast Five from Gidge inspired by my morning coffee shopping time.

1. The Blues-Ish The gradient blue in this picture caught my eye immediately. I love FreeStyle and still use it as a catalog of places to shop that provide quality free or inexpensive items.

2. Beautiful Life:  I only like poses that appear to be mid-motion. I’m weird like that. Sam Laszlo’s post has some great pics that truly look like avatars caught mid-joy. Love the looks too. Continue reading

Gidge’s Fast Five: April 8 or 9 I’m Tardy

GidgeFast Five

My own sloth and WoW interfered with me posting this yesterday.  I know it’s hard to believe a video game could interfere with people getting things done, isn’t it?

Anyway, here’s my fast five for yesterday also today.

1. Proceeding on Good Faith: People make mistakes. Creators, customers, etc. Paypaback Writer gives us a play by play on how she’s trying to be a good customer in the face of some kind of crazy mistakes. Reminder creators – although RL > SL you do actually have responsibilities to your customers. This is real money we are spending with you. Act like it. Continue reading

Cajsa Fast Five: March 29th

Fast Five There is a new opening at Linden Endowment for the Arts that looks like it will be amazing in photos. There’s a bit of ancient history and some story-telling with decor.


  1. Rust by Cica Ghost: Orca Flotta does a thorough review with many pictures of the new Rust exhibition sim from Linden Endowment of the Arts. Most of us remember Cica’s amazing black and white cartoon world so I am eagerly anticipating a visit to her new Rust on LEA23. Continue reading

Gidge’s Fast Five: Saint Patrick’s Day Edition

GidgeFast FiveThe most important thing I can say to you right now is this. I’m Irish Protestant.

Now, moving on.

There were five posts that I saw earlier, meant to blog, forgot because life is busy and then liked them enough to pour a glass of wine and log in to share them!

1. Antlers for Everyone Everyone seems to be wearing antlers lately and it’s not Christmas. Sam Laszlo has found the best way yet to blog some antlers and keep it fresh. Well done. Continue reading

Gidge’s Fast Five On a Freezing Night

GidgeFast Five

I want to start off by saying that I’m cold.

I am in fact, freezing my ass off. I’d like to write a whole blog post bitching about how cold I am. But instead, I thought I’d spread some awesome and show you some of my favorite posts from the past 48 hours.

1. Katya Valeska does a nice job of capturing fairytale dreaminess. Pan was fabled to have amazing sexual powers so, you know, wocka-chicka-wocka-chicka is likely to make this dreamy scene turn quite sordid after the camera is off.  Continue reading

Gidge’s Fast Five – February 25th

GidgeFast Five


It’s time for another issue of The Fast Five I hope you like what I’ve found today that thought I’d share.

1. Grey and Yellow: There is never any question about the quality of the images Villemo Inglewood produces, but I was very fond today of her use of grey and yellow and tying her very chic and high fashion look to something as normal as a paved road.  Continue reading