Gidge’s Fast Five On a Freezing Night

GidgeFast Five

I want to start off by saying that I’m cold.

I am in fact, freezing my ass off. I’d like to write a whole blog post bitching about how cold I am. But instead, I thought I’d spread some awesome and show you some of my favorite posts from the past 48 hours.

1. Katya Valeska does a nice job of capturing fairytale dreaminess. Pan was fabled to have amazing sexual powers so, you know, wocka-chicka-wocka-chicka is likely to make this dreamy scene turn quite sordid after the camera is off. 

2. Pixel Tinkerbell  does an awesome job of when she posts, her pics are well thought out and as a shopper, I like the clarity of her images.  Important note – she posts FLF images EARLY, so you early shoppers, bookmark this blog. She posts every Friday morning !

3. Juicybomb – Gogo has posted some gorgeous shots to help you with your Arcade shopping, showing off what is available from Pink Fuel – her signature brand. She reminds me of Steel Magnolias sometimes, pink is her signature color.

4. What I Like 90 – SCD – yeah I picked Cajsa. It would be easy not to pick her but she’s ridiculously talented at writing about tough subjects. This was one. Step it up Linden lab. Seriously.

5. The Hostess – Sophee Mojo – I chose this not only for it’s awesome images, but for the MOST AMAZING LIST OF ITEMS BLOGGED IN THE HISTORY OF BLOGGING. Well Done SOPHEE!

Now, bring back my warmer weather!


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