Gidge’s Fast Five: Saint Patrick’s Day Edition

GidgeFast FiveThe most important thing I can say to you right now is this. I’m Irish Protestant.

Now, moving on.

There were five posts that I saw earlier, meant to blog, forgot because life is busy and then liked them enough to pour a glass of wine and log in to share them!

1. Antlers for Everyone Everyone seems to be wearing antlers lately and it’s not Christmas. Sam Laszlo has found the best way yet to blog some antlers and keep it fresh. Well done.

2. Pink Fuel – Alyx by Syliva Olivier – Every time I see Sylvia post something, my first thought is DAMN who is that? My second thought is “Wow Sylvia is talented.” Ever have that friend who is super talented and doesn’t know it? That’s her. She blogs with such enthusiasm and grace, providing gorgeous images and always spurring me to shop – which to me mostly IS the end game. Beautiful images Sylvia.

3. Where Do People Like Us Float? My first reaction to that blog title was “We all float down here Georgie!”. But the striking duo-tone imagery stayed with me all day so I thought I should share it. The dress is perfect for a date night.

4. Singing While Rome Burns? This image stuck with me all day also, I’m not sure if it’s the city on fire or the mismatching of Amy and Kurt together in the picture that drew me in. (Seriously, they don’t go together). But the styling fits that rocker mood the blogger was evoking, the angry you don’t understand my music sort of mood. But yes I do understand your music. Now get off my lawn.

5. Shai’s Song: I don’t know if I ever saw a bad image on Grazia’s blog. But the striking red and stylized image was memorable and is going to send me after the skin.

That’s my Fast Five, sans clover and Irish wishes.

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2 thoughts on “Gidge’s Fast Five: Saint Patrick’s Day Edition

  1. Sylvia Olivier

    Aww, this made my night.

    I love these posts that you and Cajsa are making and I’m quite honored to be included here. I love your posts too and especially the way that you write, you are one of my most favorite to read. <3

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