Gidge’s Fast Five April 18th

GidgeFast Five I was scrolling through the feeds this morning while drinking my coffee and realized I’d noted two posts to look at later for shopping, therefore I was almost to a fast five. Thus, I bring you the Fast Five from Gidge inspired by my morning coffee shopping time.

1. The Blues-Ish The gradient blue in this picture caught my eye immediately. I love FreeStyle and still use it as a catalog of places to shop that provide quality free or inexpensive items.

2. Beautiful Life:  I only like poses that appear to be mid-motion. I’m weird like that. Sam Laszlo’s post has some great pics that truly look like avatars caught mid-joy. Love the looks too.

3.Gedenspired: I love everything about this styling. It’s a great example of being nontraditional while still paying homage to classic looks. Most people fail at pulling that off, this has made my shopping list for the day. Well done.

4. Catch My Breath:  There is no debating that Alicia is a veteran blogger who consistently takes beautiful pictures.  I love this one cuz she looks like Tracy Lourdes when she was in CRY BABY. NO REALLY SHE DOES GO LOOK!

5. The Belle: The styling on this post is flawless. The concept is to be blogging modern, southern belle style. Forget everything you ever saw on those ridiculous Real Housewives shows, those ladies never actually met a Belle. This is spot on, as a matter of fact this makes me think I need a hat.

This is my fast five for the day. Five posts that made me smile, inspired me to shop, or made me think of porn actresses of yesteryear!



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