Gidge’s Fast Five: May the Fourth Be With You Edition

GidgeFast Five We are getting over three inches of rain today where I am in RL. THREE INCHES. I am lucky that I live high on a ridge, those zombies down in Atlanta will all drown or float away and all this walking dead business will be solved. But until then, I thought I’d bring you a fast five.

1. Gothic Maid Doll: I love this first picture. Does she have an egg hanging out of her mouth? Seriously, I was torn between giggling and ooooing because of the gorgeous tones of this photo. It’s a great costumed or role play look. I’m not sure WHAT you’d role play in it but that’s your business.

2. mysllooks: Another snapshot of an avatar just living their second life really caught my eye. It reminds me so much of hangover days, rolling out of bed still half dressed, putting on enough to be decent and stumbling to….walk the dog. For me it would’ve been the bagel shop in torn hose and similar gear cuz no dog. I get a very “Oh fu#k why am I awake” vibe from this photo. Love it.

3. The Chapter Four: Sylvia Olivier brings us a new shopping event which actually piqued my interest. That’s saying a lot because I’m a cynical old avatar. This event has something for every shoppers wallet – gatcha, two for one, under 100 and half price. I am intrigued and am actually gonna go there later.

4. No matter how many nights you lie awake to the sound of poison rain: Ok I don’t know what that means. Poison rain? OMG stay inside. WHY ARE YOU OUTSIDE???? But I love the pic. It’s got a dramatic impact that I like. Great simple styling and not a lot of fuss. Well done.

5. Orange State of Mind: This is a flawless editorial fashion piece. The look is fresh and current, and her styling of a very modern dress is concise and well done. Those of you seeking to improve your skill set – take a good look at how crisp this photo is, how her avatar isn’t frozen but is captured perfectly in motion. You know how RL fashion photogs take like 100 pics of models moving to get that perfect pic? THAT is what you are trying to recreate when you shoot these type of editorial shots. I am so totally buying that hair.


6. Hopscotch MAY THE 4th BE WITH YOU: awesome pose release to celebrate us nerds who love Star Wars. Great Job Chandni !


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