Gidge’s Fast Five: March 10

GidgeFast FiveI am all over the place today with my Fast Five. I don’t tend to have a lot of free time to read blogs since my RL is crazytown more often that not, but when I do, I hop all over looking for nuggets to inspire me or make me want to shop. 

1. Insight and Jackassery: Insight Forest and Contemplating Jackassery is another great  piece by Honour McMillan, reflecting on how easy it is to turn off people who might otherwise appreciate your work. Lesson, don’t be an @sshole. No one likes that.

2. Wicca Love Story: A tale of failed romance, dark magic and white magic, and butterflies, with lovely pictures. I enjoyed the read with my coffee.

3. Corvous Noir: I was struck by the impending doom in the picture.  Impending doom is the best kind. You might get away. You don’t know!

4. In the Moment: I kind of hate this blogger. Because, this picture is like every picture I ever wanted to make and failed. I love the dreamy, offset image, just a glance at romance, just a hint at what is happening. It’s a perfect moment captured but not revealed. Really lovely. I am totally jealous. 🙂

5. We Should All Smile More: Kaelyn is blogging the Burst Out Of Your Bubble challenge with Qoopi. It’s a sweet idea, and a great image. Check out the post for more info on the challenge if you want to participate.

It’s back to crazytown for me! Happy Sunday my lovelies!




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