Cajsa Fast Five: March 29th

Fast Five There is a new opening at Linden Endowment for the Arts that looks like it will be amazing in photos. There’s a bit of ancient history and some story-telling with decor.


  1. Rust by Cica Ghost: Orca Flotta does a thorough review with many pictures of the new Rust exhibition sim from Linden Endowment of the Arts. Most of us remember Cica’s amazing black and white cartoon world so I am eagerly anticipating a visit to her new Rust on LEA23.
  2. Looking For That Bunny: Tipsy Cerulean is on safari seeking the elusive bunnies of the grid. She found lots of bunnies, some that should come with warning labels. This is an all-around fun read, so check it out.
  3. Second Life – The Early Days: Ciaran Laval provides a history of a time when resident were called Lifers and they paid a prim tax. This is an interesting insight into the origins of SL from the time before it opened to the public.
  4. Avenues all line with trees, picture me then you start watching…. Neva Crystall does it again. Many people design rooms that look beautiful, but Neva inhabits the space. Her room designs are fully realized with not just style and flair, but with a rich personality and story that is caught for a moment, but a story that continues whether we witness it or not.
  5. Style Mix #352: This photo from Sawa Gothly is fabulous. I love how the pose shows off the dress and her hair. She totally makes me want that hair now! The dress too!
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