Gidge’s Fast Five: April 8 or 9 I’m Tardy

GidgeFast Five

My own sloth and WoW interfered with me posting this yesterday.  I know it’s hard to believe a video game could interfere with people getting things done, isn’t it?

Anyway, here’s my fast five for yesterday also today.

1. Proceeding on Good Faith: People make mistakes. Creators, customers, etc. Paypaback Writer gives us a play by play on how she’s trying to be a good customer in the face of some kind of crazy mistakes. Reminder creators – although RL > SL you do actually have responsibilities to your customers. This is real money we are spending with you. Act like it.

2. Meanwhile It’s All A Bit Quiet: Darkley Aeon delves into the shadows, juxtaposing the casual, fun style with a more grim landscape.  Darkley takes great pictures and always sets up a nice story with her photos. I think the girl in this photo has a boyfriend who is JUST NO GOOD. And she won’t date the nice boy who really likes her.

3. All My Sophias: Moniq Salamander does a nice job of covering all of the tones of PXL Creations newest full launch Sophia. It’s a big job, skin blogging, because if you do a bad job, everyone notices and the judge hammer comes down. Moniq has presented some nice clean photos that show off every tone so shoppers can get an idea of what they’re going to be presented with, as well a shows off the versatility of the makeup options. Nicely done.

4. Welcome to My Home: Shayariel Teardrop has picked up the MUCH anticipated Windmill house from Scarlet Creative and has a darling presentation of her new home. It makes me covet thing thing.

5.How Not To Pick Up A Chick In Second Life: Deoridhe Quandry teaches us that a bit of charm and normal conversation can go a lot further than “Hey baby how YOU doing?”

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