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Gidge’s Fast Five: May the Fourth Be With You Edition

GidgeFast Five We are getting over three inches of rain today where I am in RL. THREE INCHES. I am lucky that I live high on a ridge, those zombies down in Atlanta will all drown or float away and all this walking dead business will be solved. But until then, I thought I’d bring you a fast five.

1. Gothic Maid Doll: I love this first picture. Does she have an egg hanging out of her mouth? Seriously, I was torn between giggling and ooooing because of the gorgeous tones of this photo. It’s a great costumed or role play look. I’m not sure WHAT you’d role play in it but that’s your business. Continue reading

Oola-La – Last Year's Official Costume!



posted by Gidge Uriza

I spent forever last year deciding what was my OFFICIAL “THIS IS MY HALLOWEEN COSTUME” costume. Because I had a lot of events to HOSTESS, plus events to attend, plus my OWN house party plus the Vicious Party….well…..I kind of had a lot of costumes. But I wanted ONE to be my official costume.

I found this at a shop called Around the Fountain which also seemed to have a GREAT selection of other costumes.

The problem I am having though – is that I can’t find it now. Continue reading