Gidge’s Fast Five: April 25 – Avatars Doing Things and Going Places

GidgeFast Five
Today I am focusing on avatars doing my favorite things – being out in the grid and living their second existence.


1. Owlfit 336: Despite her pics being bigger than they are supposed to be for the feed – they are cute pics so I forgive her.  I love the sassy look, a cute casual out and about on a hot day styling. I want to go to this cafe and order pie now.

2. Elfis: Caduceus Lorakeet never fails to provide striking images and interesting styling. Also I like your last alternate title best. That gets my vote.

3.121 Ok so this one isn’t out and about but I love it anyway. I’m going to say she’s going shoppping because of her bag. So there. I love her eclectic styling and how it’s subtly perfect together.

4. Beach Garden Party: I want to go to this party that Sophee Mojo is putting on. I miss parties in SL and this really makes me love the idea of having a beach party. Linden land needs a beach.

5. You Knew I Loved You: Sophia Harlow is having a picnic in Cheeky Pea’s new pergola which is stunning. I love the lighting of this picture and how understated the props are, it speaks to end of the day after a long day outside. It’s a great shot and the new flip flops from GOS look great.

That’s it for me today – laters ladies!

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