Gidge’s Fast Five May 2 2013, The Super Caffeinated Edition

GidgeFast FiveI have had enough coffee to kill a small child and so without further ado let’s have a Fast Five!

These are the five posts and blogs I think you should not only read, but know about like you know that fire is hot. They’re that lovely.

1. Vinterskald: If you are afraid of uncut penis this blog is not for you. However, if do not fear it and enjoy photos of depth and beauty, you will like it. The most recent post “As If Patience was really a Virtue” immediately caught my eye.

2. Elysium Hynes on Pinterest: She’s a pinning machine for SL things. This isn’t so much a blog post for your perusal as something to favorite so you can quickly catch up on sale events and what’s new. Elysium is a marvel at getting things posted. I use her for lots of events shopping so I can make my shopping list before I go.

3. I Don’t Want To Be A Fashion Blogger: I nearly cried laughing at Whiskey Monday’s take on trying to do a fashion post. Yeah, she’s on two days in a row. Everyone else – step it up.

4. Demented Diva LIGHT: A Solitary portrait caught my eye because of the hat. It’s a nice concise, yet personally warm post, I enjoyed reading it and I don’t know if I’ve ever read her before. You should have a look.

5. First Picnic of the Season: I couldn’t like this more if it had bacon. Yay for picnics. We need to have a picnic party. The pics are rich in color and it’s a fun “avatars doing things” post which makes my heart sing. Well done.

That’s it for me. Everyone, have a lovely Thursday.

Now, I need more coffee!

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2 thoughts on “Gidge’s Fast Five May 2 2013, The Super Caffeinated Edition

  1. Lila Quander

    I am so flattered you mentioned my post, Gidge. Thank you! I had to quickly go back and proof read my post, since I was so tired when I had wrote it. LOL 😀

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