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Cursed Stones Are The Perfect Holiday Gift

posted by Gidge Uriza

Abraxxa Anatine of Earthstones is one of my favorite jewelry designers on the grid, so when she gave me the opportunity to review her Tokon Chained cuffs and collar I knew which stones I’d wear.

October’s Cursed Stone – OPAL.

Roman tradition says that if you aren’t born in October, you will be CURSED for wearing this stone.  Having been BORN in October, I do like to rock the opals whenever I can – just to flaunt it at the jewelry gods and their silly rules.

Who knew the Romans had jewelry gods, anyway? Continue reading

There was a full moon last night

I went to Tusk last night -ooh, it’s so perfect for Halloween. In fact, it’s just beautiful all around with wonderful hidden grottos for cuddling with your significant ones, a skating pond with a few eerie shadows and then the marvelous castle – where Silent Sparrow is among the  retailers renting space. I had not planned to buy anything, but this outfit at the Silent Sparrow satellite store was too perfect for the setting to pass up. You could call it Serendipity.  In fact, you have to call it Serendipity because that’s the name of the dress.

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Angel of the Morning

If you want more, much more, than a simple Halloween costume, let me suggest JoJorunoo Runo’s Angel Armor. For a mere five lindens, not only do you get a costume with lovely particle wings that give the outfit a kinetic energy not found elsewhere, but you also get life’s ultimate moral quandary sorted into a folder. You see, the outfit comes in black and white – will you be an angel of the light or an angel of darkness, angel of the morning or angel of the night? It’s your choice.

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Can You Hear Them? They're Talking 'Bout Us!

posted by Gidge Uriza

It Doesn’t Matter What They Say……In the Jealous Games People Play…..HEY HEY HEY!

Back in the day when Cajsa and I did all the events on Vicious Island, we spent FOREVER planning what we were going to wear. So when MDR announced it was going to have an 80s night…..I went back into my “OMG I HAVE TO HAVE THE CUTEST COSTUME EVEN THOUGH I CAN’T WIN A PRIZE” mode.

I had already picked up the super fun 80s Girl Freebie from Layniewear, just to HAVE. MONTHS ago I picked that up. So I knew that I already had some fabulous acid washed jeans and faboo CHOOSE LIFE shirt to start the outfit. Continue reading

Come Up And See Me Sometime…..A FREEBIE!

posted by Gidge Uriza

Elemiah has put out another BEAUTIFUL fun freebie…..this week it’s an OLD SCHOOL girdle set with elegant detail and lots of authentic foundation-garment fetish styling.  But the sexy fun doesn’t stop here…..because she included a skirt so that this little beauty can go from the dance floor to the boudoir in a snap! Continue reading


posted by Gidge Uriza

It seems wildly unfair to me that Cajsa came exploring this forest with a frenchman to lead the way and I just had to follow her around. But, despite the lack of handsome strangers, I was delighted for her to show me around this wonderful, almost childlike forest. We shot the Fairy photos from the previous post there and she HAD to drag me down the Rabbit-hole for a tea party extraordinaire. Continue reading

The Medieval Fairy Forest French Lieutenant's Woman

posted by Gidge Uriza

I received a wonderful array of Role Play style medieval garments from Elegance a while back and with my RL move and all, it took me a while to get a chance to show them to you.  The Persimmon set features an array of options, pants, cape, scrolls (scripted and unscripted), hood, boots, shoes etc….to fit your needs.  If you like to role play, or dress up in beautifully detailed medieval clothes just for grins – this is a great set. Well worth the investment, because of the myriad of options you get for outfits. Continue reading

A Rose by Any Other Name

posted by Gidge Uriza

I was out shopping with Miffy one night, looking for something. I didn’t know what – I just knew that I’d know it when it ran into us. It was a fortuitous night, shopping wise. I discovered JunWave while they were having  their 50% off sale, I discovered Love Soul, and while wandering around other shops in the area Miffy posed this question.”Are you looking for a new dress?” Continue reading

Halston Reborn – As a Frenchwoman

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posted by Gidge Uriza
I slipped into Elemiah designs after seeing a cute babydoll dress on Freestyle and I wanted to see more. It’s possible that I have an unnatural affinity for the modern, feminine lines drawn by Halston back in the day – I had a bachelor uncle who was a huge fan – but I immediately saw a comparison in Elemiah’s designs with the late great designer.

Far from being just an SL version of his designs, what I find at her shop is a modern sensibility to the style that Halston pioneered. Delicate but modern, clean lines with a feminine flair. Even her frillier femme pieces are still flavored with a hint of modern line. Continue reading