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Out of the Ashes

This lovely and evocative outfit from Stylissimo is called Out of the Ashes – and of course, you can see the small red flame bursting out of the gray ashes of the gauzy moire top.  Several designers produce these gathered sculptie tops – their RL counterparts being quite fashionable at the moment. Most however, show less restraint and our form is lost in an explosion of gathers and poufs. Here, using fewer pieces, the sculpts contour to the shape beautifully and remain feminine and flattering.

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I have a complaint about Stylissimo and it’s a biggie. It’s just too darn long between releases. Now, don’t get me wrong. I would rather have fewer, more original and innovative releases than a flood of the same old thing. However, have you seen Stylissimo’s collection? It’s quirky and cute, fun and fashionable and always pleases my sense of whimsy and delight in fashion. So…no more slo-mo Stylissimo, you hear?

I mean, take a look at this dress. At first glance, it seems so simple,  a little shift dress embellished with buttons up the side. But look closely at how the buttons arch in toward the bodice and lead to the intricate baroque details and then there are the fabulously fun sleeves. It’s a perfect balance of wit and art.

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Peaches & Cream

If you have been reading my blog for any significant length of time, you know I am a peach-a-holic.  Peach, coral, salmon just are irresistible colors for me. And why not? They look good with every skin tone and flatter everyone in 1st and 2nd life.  So, when I  went over to check out Stylissimo – after falling in love with the blogger appreciation gifts they sent – and saw some peach in a vendor, well that works like a homing device with a built-in buy button.

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So, by the time I signed on last night I was already late for the masquerade party so it was either go as I was or go even later in a costume, so I went with what I was wearing. All the men were dashing and all the women were dazzlings or so I imagine as they all stayed as vapor for me. What rezzed was the food and I took that as a I sign and grabbed a spoon and ate my way through the party.

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