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Tutorial: Inconvenient Prims & How to Hide Them.

When I first framed this photo in Second Life, there were a few prims that just were not where I wanted them to be. Now there are several ways I could have dealt with those inconvenient prims. I could have spent 30 minutes or so cloning and painting and liquifying in PhotoShop to paint them out of the picture. I could have made a copy of the hair and shoved them inside my head or outside the picture frame. However, I opted for the much easier strategy of simply hiding them or more accurately not rendering them. Unfortunately, not everyone knows about this little trick and so they work much too hard. This short tutorial is to introduce you to the best time save on the grid.

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Out of the Ashes

This lovely and evocative outfit from Stylissimo is called Out of the Ashes – and of course, you can see the small red flame bursting out of the gray ashes of the gauzy moire top.  Several designers produce these gathered sculptie tops – their RL counterparts being quite fashionable at the moment. Most however, show less restraint and our form is lost in an explosion of gathers and poufs. Here, using fewer pieces, the sculpts contour to the shape beautifully and remain feminine and flattering.

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