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Sassy at Fashion for Life


There is so much that is smart about this lovely dress from Sassy! for Fashion for Life. For one thing, it is made in two pieces, as a top and a skirt so it can be worn separately and mixed and matched. For another, the chevron shape of the band is flattering and sexy as all get out. For another, the weave of the fabric is gorgeous and I love the light and dark threads. Continue reading

Week 3 – Electric Indigo

Short and sweet cause I’m going to try to catch up today….
Electric Indigo was a sweater that was custom made for me by my friend Gideon Styles, owner and creator of *G* Styles Fashion & Design.  He has a great line of shirts for men and women.

Electric Indigo

O.M.G. It's Shadows for Gala!!!!

I have tried and tried and tried to get shadows in SL and without fail they have failed me. Until now that is. Today I had a catastrophic failure of my Firestorm Viewer and for some reason it would NOT let me back in to SL. So I messaged one of my photographer friends and she gave me a couple of viewer suggestions to try. Well the very first one I tried was Nirans Viewer and O.M.G. IT RAWKS!
YaY Shadows 2
More after the cut….
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