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Faith In The Wild

I was in a bit of a camp out mood last night, and luckily Cheeky Pea recently released some amazing glamping gear for Epiphany.  There is something about relaxing in the fresh ocean air that really refreshes this old pixel girl. Continue reading

Days End Days Begin

My days begin and end the same way, in my bedroom shucking off my clothes or putting on my clothes, looking for comfort or fashion or something in between.

Chocolat Atelier had some adorable lingerie appliers at Epiphany so I had to go get them this past weekend. I always like their machine because they include top or bottom together so hey, adorable lingerie – WIN. I got the pink and white so even better. I don’t care if it’s not the rare. Continue reading

If I Could Change The World

I would be the sunlinght in your universe
You would think my love was really something good
Baby If I could change the world…

The power of angelic inspiration would probably hook me up with that ability, the influence others as I saw fit. I’m giving it a try in Second Life with my new angelic outfit from Blueberry that’s been released for EPIPHANY as a gacha.  Continue reading

Hello there! :)

*suddenly enters the room, visibly excited, waving at everyone*

Hello folks, Olela is back 🙂

RL kept me really busy the last three months, lots of things happened, i’ve also moved. I missed SL, i missed blogging, i missed you! Now i’m back and my inventory seems sooo poor and full of old stuff, but this problem will be fixed soon with lots of shopping which has already started. It feels so good, oh yeah! 😀

I received an amazing dress from the talented Aliza Karu, it’s one of her latest releases and i love it so much that i’ve decided to wear it in the first snaps i’ve taken after my return.


It’s called Covetousness, it’s mesh and also comes with sculpted skirt and hat which i’m not wearing in the picture. Aliza never stops amazing me!

Trust me

The adorable skin is the Pink Fuel item from the With Love hunt, the lovely hair is Ramona from esk-imo.

I took these snaps at Lea1 and played a bit with the Phototools settings, one of the new veeery interesting features of the latest Firestorm Major release.

I hope you’ll enjoy them, as much as my look 🙂

I’ll be back soon with some other wonderful stuff to show you, yayyyy!

Ciao 🙂 xxx



  • Skin: Pink Fuel – Alyx – Ivory – With Love Hunt item
  • Hair: esk-imo – Ramona – Blacks
  • Dress: Aliza Karu-AD Creations – Covetousness mesh dress
  • Necklace: Maxi Gossamer – Jewelled Butterfly
  • Eyes: Poetic Colors – lilac blossoms
  • Nails: Candy Nail – old anniversary gift
  • Poses: Epiphany – from the BoldGirl Model AO and the PolarChic set
  • Location: Lea1 – A Rusted Development

Goth Bride

Hiiii! 🙂

Aliza Karu from AD Creations is participating in the RMK Gothic Bridal Fair with amazing outfits which, obviously, are not ordinary bridal outfits and that’s one of the reasons i like them. The other reason is that Aliza did it again, she surprised me with her never-ending creativity and great skills, so here i am virtually bowing to her. A dark, goth bow, of course 😛

Let me show you some coolness.

The throne is mine

Goth bride

****** Wedd Goth outfit, with some mesh parts ******

Keep reading if you want to see more fascinating stuff! 😛

Continue reading

I’m back! :P

I’ve been away for one month ’cause my computer died and SL did not work properly on the laptop i was using while the new pc was being built. Now i’m back with my fantastic new computer, back to SL and back to blogging, yay!

In pteron

I’m sure you guys know this fantasy skin from Glam Affair which is available at The Dressing Room, it’s absolutely stunning, I really love it, it was my first purchase after my return. Corset and leggings are awesome items from Favole that i was supposed to blog some time ago, but then computer issues didn’t let me, so i’m doing it now. The eyes are a new release from Mayfly, they’re wonderfully detailed mesh eyes (even though in the picture i’m wearing them without the mesh prims) and come in different colours.

Feelin' alive

Have a look at the cool poses, both from Epiphany, I highly recommend you go check them (and all the others) out.

Please forgive the shortness of this post, as i’m in a hurry, i need to go get ready for work.

See you soon!

Ciao 🙂



  • Skin: Glam AffairLeah – Fantasy Line – available at The Dressing Room
  • Corset: FavoleAterna Black
  • Leggings: FavoleRore
  • Eyes: MayflyDeep Sky Eyes – Monet Dawn Shadow
  • Poses: Epiphany – from the Polar Chic and the Editorial sets
  • Hair: LambGlass Candy – Grayscale Pack
  • Tattoo: the plankNight Wolf
  • Nails: AdonessBasic Nails – Grayscale
  • Location: [pteron]