Awake and Unfold

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom” ~ Anaïs Nin

Last Saturday the 2012 Miamai Black Label collection was revealed during an immersive and beautiful show called “Unfold” which was about the painful but full of hope journey from our inner fears and desperation to the birth of a new life. From the dark to the light. From the cocoon to the flight.

It was a stunning and meaningful show, everything was perfect, the spectators had to wear a moth avatar to get in. Brilliant.
If you missed it, you can watch the video made by Thalia Heckroth , an amazing capture of an amazing event.

In the following pictures i’m going to show you two pieces of the collection, breathtaking dress and boots created by the talented Monica Outlander and Pill Kanto.
*bows to Monica and Pill*

The gorgeous skin i’m wearing is from Glam Affair, a special version of Amberly, it’s called Unfold and, along with some others, Aida Ewing created it for the show, only for the show, and i feel honoured and lucky to have them.

I’ll add some excerpts from the beautiful poem especially written for the show by Kathryn O’ Driscoll ( Keira Seerose inworld ) and which accompanied the show itself, telling about the transition from cocoon to flight. Here you can find the whole six parts of this touching poem, they should be read together and in order.


Oh, mother,
Mine creatrix, help me.
Oh, won’t you lend me some new air to breathe.
I feel I may stew to death in melancholia;
Will I see you there?


They say that the blackness,
the ravenous cave, has devoured me.
They talk of me,
as if I am not here. Am I?

The Sound of the Light

I shuddered, I drew long shaky inhales
To gather my wits about me,
I contracted and pulsated, in fear
I almost withered in my anxiety,

but there was no going back.

Memories of a journey

But as I fed on the open veins offered up to me
I found myself substantial again, thick with reality.
I began to look, to enquire, to want, to desire –
I tightened and tensed and I …. flew.

Awake and Unfold

Oh, mother, how I flew!
How I love the sparkling stars.
Mother, just watch me Unfold


Thank you Monica, Pill, Aida, Keira. Thank you for the emotions.




  • Dress: Miamai BlackLabel – Grace
  • Boots: Miamai BlackLabel – Exodus HighHeels Boots – Black Leather
  • Skin: Glam Affair – Amberly – Unfold 01
  • Hair: Dura – Boy*37 – Black
  • Poses: Miamai – from the Abstract and Strategies sets
  • Tattoo: the plank – Native Indian American / Night Wolf
  • Nails: Adoness – Basic Nails – Black
  • Eyes: Poetic Colors – lilac blossoms
  • Location: The Tower – Rebeca Bashly, LEA6


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  1. Cajsa Lilliehook

    Beautiful!!! One of the reasons I was so unhappy with my computer problems is being unable to go to events like the MiaMai Unfold last weekend. I saw her show last year and it was stunning.

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