Superman sucks!!!

Well, Banksy docet 😛

Superman Sucks^^

Ok, folks, this post has nothing to do with Superman, but I couldn’t help mentioning him after taking a few snaps in the Diapop shop which got one of its walls decorated with that famous Banksy’s graffiti.
In my humble opinion, it’s a great deco choice made by Dianne Peccable – owner and designer of Diapop – and I’m not surprised because she has taste. I know Dianne since long time, she’s such a lovely person, a sweet friend and a talented designer, I always liked her creations and her 70’s/vintage/neo romantic/hippie/alternative/and more style…..oh well, I would just call it Dianne’s style.

The Black Betty dress is her latest creation and I’ve been wearing it quite a lot lately after deciding (it didn’t take me much time!) what hair, shoes, accessories could go well with it.

Black Betty

More after the cut 😛

Loving Dianne

The belt and the socks come with the dress and yeah, I think they are such a stylish touch!
I’m showing the dress in black, but there’s also a “in flower” version.
Don’t you think it’s super cool???

When yesterday I was shopping at WILDO , which is having a 39L closing sale (sigh) and where I bought that uber cute hairstyle, I noticed the lovely stole and I immediately thought it could go great with the dress. And I was right! 😛
Anyway, I suggest you people go visit WILDO and take advantage of the sale before it ends (end of the month).
I didn’t have to think much about the shoes to wear with the Betty dress because the Lace-Up boots from *G Field* are made for this kind of outfits.

I hope you like my look as much as I do!

One more thing: check out the poses, they’re from the Miamai Savage Beauty pack available at the Fashionably Late event. Really awesome poses!

Take care, everyone!  Luv ya, Dianne 🙂


  • Dress: Diapopblack betty
  • Hair: WILDOhair00black
  • Stole: WILDOlace stole
  • Boots: *G Field*Short Lace-Up Boots in black
  • Skin: CurioAngel – Happy Holidays 2011 group gift
  • Tattoo: the plank – Native Indian American – Night Wolf
  • Poses: MiamaiSavage Beauty pack – at Fashionably Late
  • Location: Diapop shop

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