Healing in his wings

POE hunt skin & shirtThe skin and shirt I’m wearing are more previews from the Peace on Earth hunt! Oh, it’s going to be such a fun hunt… [BLUSH] offers three shades of its winter skin, and the shirt I’m wearing from K-CODE is totally convertable from halter to dress. See those trees? I love those trees. They’re from MIASNOW, and come in either straight or curvy. Curvy trees! [SLURL to MIASNOW] [Info about POE]

Two more photos and the credits!

POE hunt skin & shirtPOE hunt skin & shirtTrees: MIASNOW Garden – Winter Pine TREE straight/curvy [another photo here]

Skin: [BLUSH] POE4 hunt – winter skin in light, medium & dark
Outfit: K-CODE POE4 gift shirt/dress

Other stuff:
Tattoo: HUZ – por vida
Shoes: Lassitude & Ennui skully pumps in red
Earrings: Schadenfreude Avian Strand earrings
Flower: /artilleri/ rose hair flower in red
Hair: Lamb witch – ink
Pants: Schadenfreude rainbow qinxin capris

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