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Three Moody Monday Pretties For Your Viewing Pleasure

“Only great minds can afford a simple style.” ~ Stendhal

It’s Moody Monday and the merchants have lined up so many pretties I couldn’t decide which to blog. Maybe if I get energetic I’ll do more later. But so far, for your viewing pleasure I’ve got a cute owl necklace from ADDICTION and makeups! YAY! Continue reading

Don't You Feel My Leg


The luminous quality of the Glam Affair skins made me think of this song. Yeah, that's right! This is skin you want to feel

Don’t feel my leg, don’t you feel my leg
‘Cause if you feel my leg
You’ll want to feel my thigh
Don’ you feel my thigh
You’ll wanna go up high
Don’t you feel my leg


Nylon Outfitter's sexy Vintage Slip Dress

Don’t you buy no rye, don’t you buy no rye
Because if you buy me some rye
You’re gonna make me high
If you make me high
You gonna tell a lie
Don’t you make me high

Continue reading