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Why Get Dressed?

Slips seem like relics from the ancient past to me. I can’t remember the last time I wore one or owned one in real life. I might have to actually buy one, because strolling around in this slip dress from THE ICING the past few days has made me totally nostalgic for the more delicate types of lingerie, the opposite of the Fredericks Catalog. Continue reading

Do I Make You Horny, Baby?

I only have two speeds when it comes to horns. Total disinterest or SQUEEEEE ! Yeah I know, it’s the usual blogger malady of being too enthusiastic about something. But perhaps you’d feel differently if I explained why these horns HAVE THE AWESOME so hard? Continue reading

If I Could Walk On Water

I had one of those great mornings on the grid today. I completed a set and got it out for sale, talked to my friend Dove and found this BITCHING dress from THE ICING which desperately needed me to wear it.

I forgot I had this, how is that possible? Have I worn it before? Honestly, I don’t even care. If I previously blogged this dress it’s so flawless it deserves a second run. Continue reading

Funny Thing About My Inventory

Things keep disappearing and reappearing. Case in point, awesome cute jewelry from Caroline’s. Saw it in my offlines. Logging in, it didn’t deliver. Sad face. Forgot about it.

Searching for jewelry while styling – THERE IT IS! YAAAAAAY!! Continue reading

Man, I Feel Like A Woman

So I was bored a few days ago, before the SICK really took hold and knocked me into the RL bed. I went wandering and traipsed through THE ICING.
First of all, THE ICING is officially a store I LOVE HARD. And unlike some places, the freebie wardrobe closet in the store isn’t full of crap I’d never wear (pro-tip I don’t want a tee with your store logo). I had the other two dresses but for some reason this Pizzicato Poppies is new or NEW TO ME.
Which is just as good. Continue reading

I <3 The Icing

posted by Gidge Uriza

I picked up THE FRENCH CONNECTION hair from Clawtooth at the Hair Fair (sim 1) and figured at some point I’d figure out what to wear with it.

The SECOND I saw Whimsy plurk this new release from THE ICING I knew I’d found it!

You had me at it comes in PINK!

It actually comes in several colors including a fall appropriate houndstooth.  But none of the other colors were pink.

Now I am off for some real life!

Have a fantastic Thursday! MUWAH!

Style Notes

  • Skin – Pink Fuel – RAINE – Honey tone
  • Hair – Clawtooth from the Hair Fair – The French Connection
  • Dress – The Icing – Peggy in pink