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The Challenge is a monthly design challenge put forth to various Home & Garden Designers from across the grid. This time around the challenge was Black and White themed, and I felt with all the Glam of Collabor88, as well as The Black Fair, it was fitting to post something from it.

Today I’m showing you a vanity set from [CIRCA]. In the kit you get many wearables, like lipstick, brush, mascara, perfume, hand mirror and many more. The items go with the poses in the chair, so you can choose the correct animation to go with whatever item you have equipped. There are also sitting animations just for that; sitting.

The Illusions Vanity set is half off for the duration of the event, which was a nice touch, since the event isn’t a discount round. You have until August 22nd to grab this deal, as that is when this round ends. Once it’s in the store, it’ll be full price, so jump up on it and get your glam on!


Vanity, Chair and Accessories – [CIRCA] – Illusions Vanity Set in Black & White – 1/2 off until August 22nd for The Challenge

Hair – The Stringer Mausoleum – Declaloop in Totem
Skin – Plastik – Astrali Skin in Dha’Lli Drow
Eyes – Void – Venom Eyes in Red – L$25 (Discounted Sale)
Lashes – Mayamaya Creations – Spring Heart in Lovely Volume
Makeup 1(Blood Half Body Layer) – Fallen Gods – Bloodborn
Makeup 2 – Mon Cheri – Lace Makeup and Black Sheer Lipgloss – The Black Fair Gift
Makeup 3(Liner Smears) – Pin Me Down – Tilli in Black
Makeup 4(Lipstick) – Mon Cheri – Red Glossy Lips – The Black Fair Gift
Top – So not wearing one, cheeky I know!
Skirt – Plastik – Misfit Skirt in Kyra
Jewelry – Lazuri – Delia Set in Ruby – Group Gift

You want to see all the Makeup/Face action? I actually posted it on my other blog, Free*Style, so you can check out the look there!

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